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  1. Can't seem to find this file in the release. Can somebody point me to it? If you use SRS, copy and paste the “DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone.lua” file to “C:\Users###\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\Services\DCS-SRS\Scripts\” - BACK UP THE ORIGINAL!
  2. Answer: You can get F2 audio from air shows.
  3. The Blue Angels visit here every year. If you can, you should try to attend a show and hear them fly a 150ft above your head. It sounds amazing, but can't be matched with my headphones :megalol:
  4. To prevent being accused of bait and switch on features, could you share the doc you are comfortable basing features off of so that folks have a better understanding of what you'll be providing? That is, if the docs are public, legal, factual?
  5. They'll get to it when they get to it just like the 2yr old Hornet, so quit nagging!
  6. Lots of forum posts, lots of youtube videos, and things break and change. Is this the correct procedure and working in OB?
  7. Maybe play with triggers to de-spawn the AI after landing, and re-spawn them back in w/weapons and fuel right after? That way you wouldn't have to reslot. You could refuel/rearm and then take off with the re-spawned AI? Reslotting kinda breaks the rhythm. I'm a mission editor newbie, but this might be worth trying...
  8. In mission editor, change your plane from "Player" to "Client" and that allows respawn I believe
  9. Thanks for the improved communication. Just please crack the whip on the devs and let's get this finished!
  10. Watch out Mav, I'm coming for your AAR record :pilotfly:
  11. Maybe after the F-16 gets it?
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