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  1. Search for FSSB R3L and you'll get what you need.
  2. It's not module specific. The Apache and the Hind are just hardware heavy modules, mainly because they are new, with new graphics standards, probably not fully optimized yet etc. I've tried again to use the motion reprojection and that drop occured again. First I took the Hornet for a ride and it was all good. As soon as I switched to the Viper, my FPS went down to 15, which, obviously, was totally unplayable. It happens with the motion reprojection turned ON, and I believe with OpenXR only. Doesn't matter which module you use. Another case is on busy multiplayer servers, then the drop happens almost immediately, within 1 minute, not more.
  3. You don't really need to have that base to notice it's way different compared to how it was before the update. To be fair, that roll rate caught me off guard on my first take off with the new FM. Had to save it with the rudder... To be fair, it kinda feels like the Su-27 but on steroids. It has quite a lot of inertia, but it reacts quicker since the Viper is smaller. Since we are discussing the new FM here, MPO is "funny". Try to use it at more or less 260 kias and push the stick full forward. You can add some roll for "extra fun". EDIT: Completely missed Panda's post, but he's on point.
  4. dcs.log Log attached. Fired up DCS, joined a server, performed startup, and as soon as it happened I left the server, back to the main menu (FPS still low, in range of 20-22).
  5. I just experienced the same thing. The FPS and performance is just fine at the beginning, only to drop after a random, rather short period of time to about 20-25 FPS. Going back to main menu, FPS remain low. PC specs: Ryzen 7 5800X OC'd to 4.7, RTX 3080, 64 GB RAM, DCS on a M.2 SSD with plenty of free space. Temps are definitely not the issue in my case as I've never exceeded 60 celsius on CPU (usually low to mid 50s), and 62-63 top on GPU. EDIT: Started after the lastest OB update.
  6. Track attached. No mods or any other outside files. Negative G engine (no) flameout.trk
  7. Let's start with negative G. The maximum negative G I was able to hit was -1.7, which is wrong, and should be -3.2. Another thing during negative G flight, the engine doesn't flameout. Hydraulic/oil pressure does go down, appropriate caution light comes on, and that's it. You can keep flying with negative G as long as you like. According to some document, the limits of negative G flight are: -AB Thrust - 10 seconds, -MIL Thrust or below - 30 seconds
  8. Yeah, sorry, but I couldn't find a good enough photo. Didn't have much time neither. Fortunately @mvsgas has found some good pics to show the issue.
  9. Nothing serious, but lightning rods on the tailerons should NOT be symmetrical. Tailerons are interchangable, therefore lightning rods on the left taileron should be (and they are in game) on the upper side, and on the right they should be on the down side (and they are not).
  10. I have a very similar setup. Ryzen 7 5800X, RTX 3080 (had 3070 Ti before, but I fly in VR, so I had to get that extra horsepower) and 64GB HyperX 3200MHz (had 32GB but got a good deal on another 32GB so went for it). On 2D, 3070 Ti was more than enough on an ultra-wide monitor, 3440x1440 resolution. My monitor has FreeSync, not G-sync, and to be fair, it works different with each game, sometimes better, sometimes worse. In GTA V for example, it helps a lot. The game is set to run at 60 FPS, and I have 144Hz. There is a visible difference between FreeSync ON and OFF. In Dying Light 2, I have the game locked at 70 FPS, because 60 look like it's stuttering. To sum it up, I think the experience may vary and it depends on each individual user. Also, G-sync is more expensive because it's a physical processor built into a device, whereas FreeSync is a software solution to achieve, in theory the same results, in practice, similar to G-sync.
  11. Exactly the same thing happens to me with my 3070 Ti. I said about it in another thread. I can take a plane, switch to another plane and the performance is gone.
  12. Well, bitter sweet that I found this thread. I'm glad that I'm not alone with very similar behaviour, but not so happy with no solution for it. In my case, DCS never exceeded 70% GPU usage. What's worse, whenever I switch between planes on a server, performance degrades immediately, from stable 45 FPS (locked on purpose) to the range of 13-20. What kind of helps, is to just alt+TAB for a moment, and when I see my FPS is back to normal, I can move focus back to DCS. I have a Reverb G2 paired with R7 5800X, 32GB RAM and an RTX 3070 Ti. DCS is on a SATA SSD, but will be moved on an M.2 tommorow. The annoying part is, DCS won't push my GPU any further than 70%, but it's been like that all the time as far as I can remember, no matter the hardware. That's also the reason why I plan to switch to a 3080 Ti, because I'd rather have 70% of performance from a 3080 Ti rather than a 3070 Ti...
  13. If it's internal testing on CLOSED beta, then it should not even be listed. Imo someone failed (don't want to use any stronger words here).
  14. Funny, because server list shows 2 servers (so far) hosted on Marianas map .
  15. I believe it's impossible to create a whole new map without SDK. I remember, there was an attempt to do, kind of a new map, and it was in a form of a static object. The file mentioned by you cannot be opened without SDK as well.
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