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  1. Продаю в Минске Х52. Состояние хорошее. 100 баксов. В приват.
  2. Brevitylist and explanation: ABORT: Directive commentary to terminate. Applicable to a specific attack maneuver or entire mission. ACTIVE: An onboard radar self-guidance mode of an advanced AAR like the AIM 120 ALPHA CHECK: A request for bearing and distance to a given point. Generally used to confirm navigational accuracy ANCHOR: 1.) Begin an orbit at a specific point or location. 2.) A refueling track flown by a tanker aircraft. ANGELS: Altitude expressed in thousands of feet. Angels 20 means 20,000 ft. AS FRAGGED: Perform the event as briefed or planned. BANDIT: Known enemy aircraft. Only used when the contact is confirmed hostile. BEAM/BEAMER: Descriptive terminology for an aircraft that maneuvered to stabilize between 70 degrees 110 degrees aspect. Can be used to describe your own action. Example: stab 11 beaming North. BELLY CHECK: Directive commentary to instruct recipient to roll over and check for bandits underneath him. BENT: Inoperative or "bent" system. "Stab one one gadget bent" BINGO / BINGO FUEL: A predetermined fuel quantity that is required to safely return to base. BLIND: Lost visual contact with appropriate friendly aircraft. Generally means that the wingman lost sight of a flight lead. The opposite of this is VISUAL. BOGEY: An unknown radar/visual contact. BOGEY DOPE: A request for information about a specific target or threat. Generally directed toward GCI/AWACS or other flight members. BOX: Groups/contacts/formations in a square, as viewed on a radar display or from above. BRACKET: Indicates geometry where aircraft will maneuver to a position on opposing sides of a given point / target, either laterally / vertically/ or a combination of both. Basically, it is a relatively short-range pincer maneuver. BREAK: (Up/Down/Right/Left) -Directive to perform an immediate maximum performance turn. Assumes a defensive situation that requires immediate action. BREVITY: Denotes radio frequency is becoming saturated/degraded/jammed and more concise/less R/T transmissions should be used. BUDDY SPIKE: Illumination by friendly AI RWR. BUG OUT: Separate from the engagement and head for a safe area or home. BULLSEYE: A pre-briefed reference point. It is used to describe your position or that of the target. CLEAN: 1.) No radar contacts, i.e. your radar scope is clean. 2.) An aircraft configuration without any external stores or tanks. CLEARED: Requested action is approved. CLEARED HOT: Ordnance release is approved. CLOSING: Bandit/bogey/target is decreasing its range. COLD: 1.) Attack geometry that will result in a position behind the target. (lag pursuit) 2.) Pointed away from the anticipated threats. COMMITTED/COMMIT: Intent to engage/intercept. CONTACT: Radar/IR contact; should include bearing, range, altitude (BRA), Bull's-eye, or geographic position information. CONTINUE: Continue present maneuver; does not imply clearance to engage or to shoot. COVER: Directive R/T to assume supporting role and responsibilities. DEFENSIVE: (Spike/Missile/SAM/Mud/AAA) - Subject is in a defensive position and maneuvering with reference to the threat. If not explicitly stated, threat is assumed to an air/air threat. DRAG/DRAGGING: (Direction) - Bogey/Bandit maneuvering to 60 degrees or less aspect. Can also describe your own actions. ENGAGED: Maneuvering with respect to a threat or target in order to kill or negate an attack. EXTEND: (Direction) - Directive to temporally depart the immediate "fight" location gain energy, distance, time, situational awareness, or a combination of all. The intent is to reengage as soon as desired parameter is achieved. FADED: Radar contact is lost or has "faded" from your radar display. FLEET WET/DRY: Transitioning from flying over water/land. FENCE CHECK/FENCE IN/FENCE OUT: Set cockpit switches as appropriate to your location. Generally means to arm up weapons as you enter enemy territory and safe them as you proceed back to friendly airspace. FLANK/FLANKING: Target with a stable aspect of 120 degrees to 150 degrees. FLOAT: Expand the formation laterally within visual limits. Used to initiate a "bracket" or to force a commit from a trailing bandit. FOX ONE: Simulated/actual launch of semi-active radar guided missile. An AIM 7 Sparrow. FOX TWO: Simulated/actual launch of an IR guided missile. An AIM 9. FOX THREE: Simulated/actual launch of a fully active missile. AN AMRAAM/Phoenix. GADGET: Radar or sensor equipment. GIMBALL: (Direction) - Radar target of interest is approaching azimuth or elevation limits of your radar and you are about to loose contact. GORILLA: A large number of unknown contacts that appear to maneuver to a common objective. GROUP: Radar Contacts that appear to operate together within approximately 3 Nm of each other. HARD LEFT/RIGHT: Directive call to initiate a High-G, energy sustaining turn. Generally used when entering a fight offensively. A 'break' turn is used for a defensive situation. HIGH: Target altitude at or above 30,000 feet MSL. HIT: A Radar return on the Radar scope (A/A). HOLDING HANDS: Aircraft together in a coordinated visual formation. HOME PLATE: Home airfield. HOT: 1.) For an AI intercept 'hot' describes geometry will result in roll out in front of target 2.) Pointing toward the anticipated threats in a CAP (A/A). 3.) Weapons employment authorized. IN PLACE: (Left/Right) - Simultaneously maneuvering the whole flight in the specified direction. JOKER: Has had several definitions 1.) Fuel state is such that the mission can continue to the target via scheduled route and RTB, but with little or no reserve. 2.) Fuel state is such that the entire mission can be flown and all the ordnance carried all the way back to home plate. Generally used when the target is obscured by WX and Higher Headquarter directives preclude jettisoning bombs prior to RTB. KILL: Commit and kill specified target. LADDER: Three or more groups in trail formations. It appears as a "ladder" on the radar display LINE ABREAST: A side-by-side formation. LOCKED: (BRA/Direction) - Radar Lock on. DOES NOT ASSUME SORT OR TARGETNING responsibilities are met unless specifically stated. LOW: Target altitude below 10,000 feet MSL MEDIUM: Target altitude between 10,000 and 30,00 feet MSL. MERGE/ MERGED: 1.) Bandits and friendlies are in the visual arena. 2.) Radar returns have come together. MUSIC: Electronic radar jamming. NO JOY: Lost or no visual contact with the target/bandit; opposite of TALLY. NOTCH: (Direction) - Radar missile defensive maneuver to place threat radar/missile near the beam. PADLOCKED: Aircrew cannot take eyes off target without risk of losing tally/visual. PAINT: Friendly AAI/APX interrogation return. PICTURE: Situation briefing given by AWACS or GCI that provides a general tactical overview. POSIT: Request for a position report. PRESS: Continue the attack; mutual support will be maintained. SEPARATE: Leaving a specific engagement. SHACKLE: A weave or a single crossing of flight paths in order to regain formation geometry. SHOOTER: Aircraft that will employ ordnance or "shoot" SLOW: speed of less than 300 knots. SNAP: (object, destination, location.) - An immediate vector to the requested target or geographic point. SORTED: Pre-briefed criteria has been met insuring each flight member have separate targets. SPIKE: RWR indication of AI threat. SPITTER: (Direction) - An Aircraft that has departed from the engagement. STACK: Two or more groups with a high/low altitude separation. STATUS: Request for an individual's tactical situation; generally described as "offensive," "defensive," or "neutral." STINGER: Formation with single Bogey/Bandit in trail. SWITCH/SWITCHED: Indicates an attacker is changing from one aircraft to another. TALLY: Bandit in sight; opposite of "NO JOY." TARGET: Specific sort responsibility TRAIL: Formation of two or more aircraft following one another. TRAILER: The last aircraft in a formation. TRASHED: Missile in flight has been defeated. TUMBLEWEED: Indicates limited situation awareness, no tally, no visual, a request for information. VEE/VIC: Vic formation, single aircraft in the lead and an element in trail. VISUAL: Friendly aircraft in sight; opposite of "BLIND." WALL: Three or more groups in line abreast/side-by-side formation. WEDGE: Tactical formation of two or more aircraft with the single in front and two line abreast behind: Same as a "Vee" formation. WEEDS: Very low altitude. WINCHESTER: No ordnance remaining.
  3. атаковать цели сменить сторону (ведомый был правым после команды станет влево) занять позицию справа\слева занять позицию выше\ниже построение когда самолёты постоянно маневрируют в разных плоскостях остносительно друг друга. выполнять роль атакующего выполнять роль прикрывающего.
  4. 2vistrel http://forum.sukhoi.ru/showthread.php?t=40026 2condor11 Не надо судить с умным видом о том чего не знаешь.
  5. Эх... хочется то :) PS Правильной кабине, правильный симулятор. :) PSS Кстати умельцы делают не хуже зачастую, где то на фругалсах вроде был полноразмерный кокпит с ИЛС и тремя проекторами в сфере, типа картинка за бортом. Камрад говорил сделал сам и обошёлся он ему весь в 9000 евро.
  6. Перечитал тему внимательно :) В телевизоры таки да, суют и комплектуху китайскую и схема там почти ориджинал как впрочем и везде :) А в панелях ЖК военного назначения, вроде тех что на Милексах в аквариумах стоят китайщины мало и конструкция полностью своя. Даже матрица то ли Фрязинская, то ли наша. Кстати очень удивился когда узнал что Интеграл поставляет комплектуху для часовых плат чуть ли не на весь мир и вроде даже неслабый процент этого рынка держит. Я думал он развалился давно....
  7. Большая часть не китайская,а из Европ как не странно. А вот конструкция наша оригинальная. Сам очень удивился :)
  8. Главного просили приложить усилия вообще то. ;)
  9. В связи этим делаю вывод что отдельные модераторы не джедаи и вообще волки позорные :P Прошу главного по комбинату приложить усилия по развития у подчинённых джедайских качеств, вставки горячих сердец, подведения охлаждения к черепной коробке, конденсат от системы охлаждения пустить на чистку рук.:smartass:
  10. Может ли кто внятно обьяснить в чём заключается суть этого боевого порядка звена? В интернете я внятного описания не нашёл. Я так понимаю что это строй фронта звена при котором вторая пара совершает манёвры по вертикали и горизонтали относительно первой с целью расширить сектор наблюдения и быть в немного лучших условиях для начала манёвра.
  11. Мысль несомненно очень глубокая, вот только я её не понял.
  12. Falcon и MSFS наше всё :) Так что земляк выбирай их :)
  13. Спасибо, займёт видное место в моей коллекции фалконовских документов :)
  14. Дык мануал на оригинальный Факон раритет,да.... Кто б поделился.
  15. На Сухом попроси, может кто выложит на ФТП или рапидшару.
  16. Валер, я ж просветлённый ;) Чё мне на них время тратить, нехотят РЛЭ ну и чёрт с ними...
  17. Тю.... вот проблему нашли.... У меня вон этих РЛЭ и на тарелки и на Тау-файтеры лежат, не знаю куда девать.
  18. Скажем так, отращиваю снова до тех пор пока не доберусь до бритвы. Не удрала, её шеф обэеснешный отправил делать революцию домой в Норвегию. :( :(
  19. Все остальные это подделки сделаные в Китае. Настоящие Серёги носят бороду, пьют кроВ убитых врагов, и вообще реальные пацаны. ;)
  20. А? Шо? Я шота пропустил? :icon_weed
  21. Самое смешное что врали все. Говорю как человек несколько дней бегавший на майданчик искать свою скандинавскую богиню. :cool:
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