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  1. Downloading now, thanks!
  2. No sign of EFM on the 1.5.3 patch I'm afraid :(
  3. Here's what is meant by SFM and EFM: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=122801 I think it is still pretty unclear how this bug is happening, primarily due to it only cropping up for certain people and only being confirmed in two(?) SFM level planes. It has been narrowed down to the presence of certain other planes, for the C101 (see above) Splashman can reproduce extreme thrust by flying a mission with a MiG-23MLD in it. For me I can reproduce extreme thrust in the hawk by including an Su-33.
  4. I think it may be an SFM issue that will be resolved by EFM in the next couple of months (fingers crossed), I'll be sure to report back when I get hold of the EFM. In the mean time, find out which plane is causing the bug (for me it is the Su-33) and try to fly missions without that plane involved. I've managed to avoid the the superhawk for the last month or so by not going up against Su-33s.
  5. I've been playing the Hawk for about a month and I've been thoroughly enjoying it. I've played 'Intercept' and 'Dogfight' a fair few times but struggled against the high power jets (as you might expect). If I fight these jets in a "fair fight" - in open ground at altitude, I get my butt kicked every time. If I fight these jets in the hills at low altitude it feels like a more fair fight, but all too often they just plow into the side of a hill, which feels like a bit of a cheap way to win and more likely an issue of poor AI than outperforming the opponent. I wondered: does anyone have tips for fighting a high powered opponent in a smaller jet in DCS? Here's a demonstration of what happens when I fight in the hills: Dogfight, Hawk vs. Su-27 Homebrew mission, 1 Hawk vs. 12 Su-30 http://imgur.com/RuGwBTR http://imgur.com/C3Z09Qr http://imgur.com/FqFDjFv http://imgur.com/uHFvZkh http://imgur.com/XgaV8G6
  6. Hi there, I've been trying to dogfight my Hawk vs. high performance jets (AI). If I get into a low speed turning match in mountains the AI just can't handle it and almost always crashes into the side of a hill. An example (Human Hawk vs. AI Su-27): [ame] [/ame]LowAltAI.trk
  7. Here is a simplified version of the mission that demonstrate the bug (on my system at least). "Superhawk291115.miz" is just a hawk on the runway with a single waypoint and an Su-33 airborne with a single waypoint. "SuperhawkControl291115.miz" is the exact same mission with the Su-33 replaced with an Su-30. Note that the hawk devs haven't been able to replicate the bug, even though the Su-33 features in one of their missions. Superhawk291115.miz SuperhawkControl291115.miz
  8. Alright, I've done some investigation with the Hawk. I couldn't replicate using the MiG-23MFD, so I went back to the mission that I could repeatedly and reliably get the bug: "Intercept" which is provided by VEAO. I went through each aircraft in the mission, deleting one group at a time, restarting the game and playing. For me it was Su-33s that were responsible: If I play the mission with Su33s, I get the superhawk bug, if I delete or change the Su-33s (to Su-30 for example) I get the normal Hawk behaviour.
  9. Great work nailing down the bug cause, well done!
  10. That's one crazy bug. I wonder if this is created by other planes. I also wonder if this bug will still be present when the EFM comes out.
  11. Cross posting this: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=148456 Looks like VEAO Hawk Pilots (such as myself) are having a similar issue.
  12. Just saw this browsing the Aviodev forums: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=149814 C101 on steroids, sound familiar? might be worth talking to Aviodev about this, then maybe ED directly?
  13. Oddly enough my Hawk has reverted to normal since the last patch. I kinda miss being able to beat MiG-29s and Su-33s with ease!
  14. http://imgur.com/vPWJXFQ http://imgur.com/XYfUTX0 Is this the same bug? Taking off from cold start = can't see the runway.
  15. Since this patch I've been getting the "Super Hawk" bug every mission.
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