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  1. thanks for all this info. i should have mentioned that i do have a FFB joystick, so thats why I thought the "instant trim" was the correct setting, as it replaced the default one from before (which was working fine with FFB). hmm ill try some other settings UPDATE: so the setting I had to change to was "without springs and FFB" which now functions properly. the rudder is instant trim. now all is right in the universe UPDATE 2: woo-hoo! this thing flies amazingly now! the heading hold function works incredibly well, it has very strong authority. and when I want to change heading, i simply twist my stick until i'm facing the way I want, and when I release pressure, the heading hold automatically updates to the new heading. this allows for super precise flying better than even the AH-64D in my opinion
  2. thanks. while i have your attention here, I'm having an issue with regular stick trimmer: it's not working. I have stick trimmer mode and pedal trimmer mode to "instant trim". however, when starting up on ground hot, pressing the force trimmer button does not trim the cyclic. however it does trim the rudder pedals. i've flown this bird a lot and pressing "trim button - press" used to keep your cyclic trimmed wherever you pressed the button (just like all of the other helo modules). now it only is trimming the rudder pedal. I've attached a screenshot. I move the cyclic to the location seen in the upper-left corner, press "trim button", however nothing happens and the cyclic trim moves back to the center. is there another update that changed this behavior? null
  3. thanks. this has solved my #1 issue wtih this bird: not having a pedal rudder trim. still not sure about the new heading hold feature but i'll experiemtn
  4. Hey guys. Looking through the changelog I see a lot of references to "anti-torque pedals microswitch" and several new settings and commands. Can anyone further explain what the anti-torque pedals microswitch is and how it works? Cheers! Added: Anti-torque pedals trim options Can choose between: Instant Trim (does not read input for 0.5 sec. after trim button is pressed) Central Position Trimmer Mode (does not read input until physical pedals axis returned to center) Added: Anti-torque pedals automatic microswitch options. Can choose between: Disable by setting pedal axis to neutral (This logic was built in module before, it engages microswitch as soon as yaw axis is deflected from neutral position) Enable/Disable by presence/absence of pedal movement (this logic is added and it activates microswithing only for duration of pedal axis movement, deactivates it when axis stop moving) Automatic Microswitch Off (disables any automatic pedals microswitch logic, control is only manual) Added: Anti-torque pedals microswitch button bind (this bind allows manual control of pedals microswitch which will set heading autopilot channel to standby/adjust mode while it is pressed) Added: Anti-torque Pedals Trimmer Button options (Unlike Mi-8, real Mi-24P pedals don't trim with cyclic trim button. In DCS trim for pedals is made for convenience): Cyclic Trimmer Button (T) (Pressing Cyclic trim button will also trim virtual pedals axis, keyboard "T" by default) Pedals Microswitch Button (Y) (Pressing pedals microswitch button will also trim virtual pedals axis, keyboard "Y" by default) Do not trim (Will not trim virtual pedals axis, this is for pedals without springs etc. those which are stay where you left them)
  5. as you can see in the center of the screenshot there's a floating texture that is floating in mid air... anyone else see this? i'm using the english cockpit mod but not sure if that has anything to do with it
  6. this mod still work with latest open beta version? thanks!
  7. no, just the default ROLL, PITCH, and YAW computer assists (the green icons in the screenshot)
  8. see mine does that sometimes but other times the SCAS will NOT reengage after applying rudder pressure. maybe i can get a track. but if you look at my screenshot in the OP, i'm currently spinning there, and the SCAS YAW indicator is neutral (instead of trying to stop my spin)
  9. Do the external hardpoints have no weight?
  10. it flies more like the Huey when YAW SCAS is turned off, in my opinion. so as far as I'm able to understand the system, the heading hold mode is always active if the YAW SCAS is on and you trim. but it's not been working great for me so I'm not sure.
  11. i'm all for the extra knickknacks and doodlebugs that wobble in the cockpit. more immersion the better!
  12. UPDATE 2: so I turned off the YAW SCAS and now she flys like a charm! so much easier to control. she reacts the way you'd expect her to. anyone else tried this?
  13. UPDATE: kept on trying it, and now I've noticed it does indeed work as described sometimes, but other times it works normally. it seems like sometimes the SCAS kicks in and sometimes it doesn't. I'm now sure why
  14. i don't have pedals either, i just use my joystick twist function. and yep the rudder goes right back to the trim position. if you check out the screenshot I posted, this is after releasing my twist joystick and re-trimming, but the helicopter continues to spin. as you can see my rudder is in the trimmed position, and the SCAS is also in the trim position (instead of trying to hold my heading). When I first take off, the green SCAS cross will move left or right to hold my heading. After changing headings and retrimming, the green SCAS cross sits still on my trimmed position (which is what the screenshot is showing) causing the helicopter to spin *shrug*
  15. sorry not sure I made it clear in my post. it's already trimmed out.
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