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  1. Native support of DCS for Linux would be great! It's time to break the Windows-monopole!
  2. Hi Robert, Du kannst auch probieren das Audiokabel mit einem Ferrit-Ring zu versehen. Ist auch noch eine günstige Lösung. Grüße, Stefan
  3. Hmmm, want to upgrade my GPU. My choice would be RX6800XT, RX6900XT or RTX3090 for using with HP Reverb G2. In these forums I read 3090 wouldn't be that good and vice versa. Can someone illuminate me please? Don't know what to buy.
  4. Also bei einer MiG-29 als full fidelity modul wäre ich sofort dabei! Instant buy, außer sie käme von Razbam!
  5. That's interesting with these microstutters of AMD GPUs in DCS! Because of price I am nearly buying a RX6800XT or RX6900XT. Better I wait to get money for a RTX3090 I think (my PC should let be the hardware in my signature)!
  6. RX6900XT or RTX3090 is an actual question for me too. Is anyone able to give pros and cons for these? I will use it with my Reverb G2 and want the best solution for gaming in DCS in VR.
  7. Hey folks, sold my RTX 2070 for nice cash (can't resist because of exploded GPU-prizes) an tried die CPU-integrated graphics unit of my Intel i5-11600K in 1080p. What should I say! Settings to low and I've got stable 15-18 fps! What crappy graphics engine must be used in DCS that this lousy onboard GPU is able to deliver such fps? What massive GPU-power is wasted on potent dedicated graphic cards? It's frightening! @ED: It's time to bring massive improvements and ability to use the features of current and future hardware! Greetings, Flummi
  8. Flummi

    Fragen zur Mirage

    Sowas kann sich auch nur Razbam ausdenken, anstatt das Problem gleich anständig zu fixen. Was für ein Blödsinn! Der Laden ist einfach nur unglaublich.
  9. One or two month? I would guess six month tbh (2.7 is new, Hind is new, other things are new...)!
  10. -> Do not buy a module before it is released!
  11. @Cupra: HP Reverb G2 kann beides. Kannst einem Bereich definieren oder einfach lokal nutzen.
  12. I have NOT pre-ordered. It will be a good module (I hope so!) when it's released.
  13. I think it's that simple: Money was spend for Supercarrier. So why should they invest work in this module, when they can earn money with new modules like Mosquito, Hind or Apache?
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