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  1. Hi Surrexen, any chance that Operation Scarlet Dawn will be updated also ? Thanks.
  2. Yes, but for me seems to stabilize after 30 sec or so. @Flappieh Thanks for helping with FPS episode.
  3. Bro, fact is that DCS lost FPS from 2.7.6 to 2.7.7. but they turned blind eye because 10 people are vocal not 5000....
  4. They just don't care. We here are mere anomaly, like 0,01 user base or smth...........
  5. "I am very surprised that this has been unable to be reproduced across any ED machine save for flappie's. " THIS Beside my PC, also try on my Wife's, both suffers from 2.7.6 to new OP.
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