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  1. The fix is to redownload the model tool. Found that out today
  2. Hello all, Over the past year I have noticed that the LERX vapor on specific modules, F-18, F-16 and my custom planes I have worked on and added the LERX vapor to (through the EFM), have not been synced over the net. So a buddy and I went in and did a quick test for it. I believe the LERX Vapor (not the overwing vapor) needs to be synced still. Here is the tracks from me and my friend. server-20220207-131822.trk Vapor_Test-20220207-141928.trk
  3. Hello. It has been a while since the LERX Vapor has been out for certain aircraft (F-18/F-16). Will we be seeing it over multiplayer like on other people and not just ourselves?
  4. There is a current bug that is a big issue for some servers to where when you use the airshow smoke on the ground, or you do a low flyby with the smoke on, it stays there until mission reset or server restart.
  5. It would be nice to see the LERX Vapor for the Hornet and F-16 transmitted to other users. Is there any reason why this is not a feature? We have the overwing vapor already but it would be nice to have the LERX Vapor.
  6. Well... That's not the case lol. You can't do any damage with Lua files.
  7. You can have the mod lol. It just allows people to not copy and paste our code into their own planes and call it their own.
  8. This is supposed to be like this. This is an encryption we added for security measures.
  9. Hello I am one of the Developers on the F-22. For the pitch axis, make sure you bind your axis to the correct designated F-22 Pitch axis. Please read the entire setup on the website. It is required you setup some stuff before flying the aircraft. The FCS that was modeled uses a new pitch axis so that we can modify it.
  10. Is there any update on the texture template release for the JF-17?
  11. This is going to be a mini rant about the updates that need to be done to the hornet that are very critical, that are simply just not being done... I am sick of sitting here and taking my time to meticulously write out a good report about a bug I have found, that is very noticeable might I add, to it just being swept under the carpet. For example. I made a post on 9/23/2019 about a piece of the flap on the hornet not animated and causes it to stick out when flaps are down. It's a lod issue. I even told them how to fix it. IT HAS BEEN OVER A YEAR AND NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. SERIOUSLY?! That's not even the worst of it. Remember the reverse ground effect (the thing that pulls you into the ground if you get too close)? Yeah that still exist and it has been an issue since release in 2018. Like come on now. Another issue is when you try to takeoff with the flaps up, your aircraft will constantly pull nose up forever, until you go to half flap then back to full (I will be making a report soon about this). There is another bug that I have observed that is critical but I am still working to debug it so I won't post about it. But like for god's sake ED. Please fix this stuff. I absolutely love the sim and love flying in it because it is the most realistic sim out there. But it's hard when there is no progress of the bugs being fix. Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope this doesn't get swept under the carpet too.
  12. Can a ED staff member reply with a link to where this was reported? We want to make sure this is the same issue and that we have a clear understanding of what is happening. We want to be able to provide the information but there was no followup from a team member. We just want to be sure this has been reported properly before. Thanks.
  13. Yes sir they have. However, this issue just developed recently and became noticeable within the month so it's gotten worse unfortunately. :(
  14. INTRODUCTION: For several months now DCS net code has been an issue. Whether it be combat or aerobatic flying. There is a trend where the person that you are flying with, tends to not be accurate to what the user on the other end is seeing / doing. For us aerobatic pilots in the community. It never used to be this bad as it's gotten over the past month. To explain what is happening seems to be an issue with the system that is implemented to help "smooth" out the movements of users over the internet. However, that system has since become flawed and exaggerated that dampening. It is now becoming apparent that under G load. To put it into terms so there is an understanding. When I say USER, I am referring to the person that is witnessing the event. Usually the person that is watching their own track back. When I refer to the CLIENT, I am talking about the person that is being witnessed and is having the issues. So to continue, under G load, the USER witnesses the CLIENTS aircraft move vertically down and forward. This becomes very apparent under loops. We are not to sure if airspeed has a factor but we have tried this with the F/A-18C, L-39C and YAK-52. All at airspeeds ranging from 100 knots to 350 knots. Progressing as to what we know. We know that this started in 2.5.5 and has been exacerbated in 2.5.6. We also know this is an effect of net code. We have thought it could be internet but after multiple test and multiple flights with perfect internet from users and poor internet from users. It seems to happen every time. EVIDENCE: These two tracks are from the date 8/2/2020. It is 2 L-39C flying formation. The reference for formation that is being used is the pitot tube on the wing. Stabbing the pilot in the back of his head. You should see in the USER track, that the CLIENT is flying forward and down. USER TRACK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T3Z0VoX3tRQInYP50iDFU-KNABuUs00N/view?usp=sharing CLIENT TRACK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EjlXU8MfRBi0GPS8EivxULe9ZfXTPyHz/view?usp=sharing ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Best Regards, Panic
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