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  1. same happening to me too
  2. my version is 2.5.4, i pre ordered but have no update (from start menu) no nothing? can anyone help me. Thanks! EDIT Ok, so i have to download open beta version.. this stuff always confuses me.
  3. Hi all, can anyone help with this question please? During a custom mission, I want to take off from my base and head to the target... however i pass through a trigger zone that is meant to be triggered for the return journey. Is it at all possible to make the trigger zone activate later in a mission? Basically how can i pass through it twice without it triggering the first time? Thank you! Another scenario: I want to take off from my base that has a trigger zone over it and when i return i would like the trigger to activate to say something like 'welcome back, well done. Mission complete!', without it triggering when i take off at the start of the mission. EDIT: Figured it out. Flags.
  4. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/1686191/ done.
  5. I hear you voice every time i read your posts. I just wish they were longer :thumbup:
  6. Thanks for the info... the living out of a suitcase thing is about to start for me.. thanks for your info.
  7. Yes, i have desktop with 1080ti etc.. but im currently living in spain and thats about to come to a end in a few months... i will need to sell my rig and buy a laptop until i can set myself up again in another country.
  8. Hey all, Has anyone yet used a 'MSI GS65 Thin' laptop with DCS? Its its performance good? I tried a YT search but could not see anything. Cheers
  9. The Odyssey?.. hmmmm.. I've never heard of it. I'll have a look now.
  10. dburne and hansangb, thanks for your feedback. My hdm is the rift cv1. I do know to find the sweet spot etc.. I just feel the current tech of vr at this stage suffers the most in games like dcs. When I play things like assetto, superhot, ping pong etc, etc its kinda ok.. but dcs I need the resolution. Im looking forward to the next gen vr.. I think that will make all the difference in dcs for me anyway. I think I was expecting more from vr as I had never tried it before. Its still in its infancy in my opinion. Also I can not ignore the SDE.. its impossible.
  11. i must be missing something? I bought VR because of dcs, but its just awful. My fps and performance is great even with supersampling 2. But trying to find a airfield or anything beyond a few hundred feet is just terrible for me. Even trying to read the dials etc.. I mean that screen door effect.. ugh! But seriously.. am i doing something different to everyone else? or is everyone convinced its a good thing because of the money they have spent?
  12. im no expert but did you try 'allow an app through controlled folder access'? it might help?
  13. Hi, Today i did the latest update and finally installed the f18. Firstly i started the sim and all was ok.. sat in cockpit binding keys. Suddenly sim pauses and crashes giving me a crash log. Since this happened i tried to re open the sim and now it simply pauses on the briefing screen. I tried a few times with different modules, graphics settings, maps, instant action, map editor, disabled trackir etc.. and still the same thing. I did a clean up and repair, but still pauses on the mission briefing screen. Im now at a loss. Very strange it worked for a brief moment the first time i started the sim after the update and f18 install? Anyway attached are two logs.. the first crash log and the very last crash log after trying all the above steps. Any insight/help would be great thank you. UPDATE Rolled back latest Nvidea driver and now everything works. dcs.log-20180607-215814.zip dcs.log-20180607-224005.zip
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