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  1. I've had this couple times now in multiplayer but wasn't able to get track. WAS'd GUN, I was able to change MANRNG amount but when i try to put "A" ihadss still shows Mx.x
  2. Those failure propabilities shouldn’t be hard coded in to the weapons because there’s just too many variables. Those should be one more tool for the mission builders and they should be considering what failure rates they put on the mission.
  3. If it’s an option it wouldn’t hurt anyone. ”Realism” in games is always a compromise.
  4. No problem. Propably not aerodynamically because they are recessed but they weight about 500lb each. There is also charts for the slatted version in the first page of this topic posted by me and they give much better picture. Those charts are also with quite heavy fuel load so be carefull when reading those. Clean weight without fuel is somewhere around 32000lb for block 41.
  5. F-4 chart is without slats and with 4x sparrow and more than 7000lb of fuel.
  6. I just happened to read that same thing few days ago. They had sidewinder tone coming from the radio because of some USMC stuff and when they tried to talk to radio, only sidewinder tone was transmitted. I read it from ”Tonkin Gulf yacht club” but i don’t remember the unit.
  7. Thanks for the post! It’s always interesting to read real life experiences. I hope you have lots of more interesenting stories about flying phantom
  8. So on the topic, what would ne the recommended tactics with E-phantom against the roughly comparable jets like F1, Mig-19, Mig-21Bis, Mig-23?
  9. John Kerr states in the fighter pilot podcast that S had the most powerfull engines with over 18000lb of thrust. I’m not sure about the actual number what he says. Of course it’s from his memory and should be treated like as it is but usually there is some point in those statements. I’ve been trying to find material from the late years of S but seems like the documentation is quite limited.
  10. Also would be interesting to see how S compares to these with slats and more powerfull engines.
  11. Looks like that my charts are from the slatted version
  12. My understanding is that J is not that much better at turning than E with slats. S though is propably superior to E with slats because of the better thrust. I haven't found sustained numbers for the J or S but -79 manual for E says about 14.5deg sustained in SL with 4x AIM-7 and 42777lb. Test flight was done in 1973 so those numbers are propably without slats (not 100% sure because the charts don't mention that). Let's continue the discussion in
  13. I created this topic to compare different F-4 versions to different aircrafts. The main point is to learn how to fly phantom against various enemy aircrafts. This topic will be a continuation from the page 8 and 9 discussion of the "Announcing the F-4 Phantom for DCS World!" @BIGNEWY @NineLine maybe you can move those posts here if possible? Edit: We don't want to start to argue which aircraft is better and please keep the discussion civil.
  14. We really should make ”Phantom vs XXX” topic and move these posts into that. Lots of good info and it would be shame that it gets lost here edit: maybe moderators can help with that?
  15. These are quite interesting comparisons. Can you show us some numbers?
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