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  1. Unless you know how to script, I think the AI will always disappoint. I found hours of work in the mission editor can be wasted for the AI to do some basic things and even then, they tend to do it only randomly or not at all. Best thing is find a server and play multiplayer its really the best way to use the sim.
  2. I can confirm this as well. AI LGP regardless of map or mission editor tinkering will not hit designated target with LGB.
  3. For certain missile types it should but is highly dependent on its dispersion and the missile would need to be within the chaff bloom or very close to it. The jammer should also impact fuzing performance on certain missiles, again highly dependent on aspect and range.
  4. I am having the same problem too. No matter what I do I cannot get it to work anymore. Looks like I had a bug in my *.lua for the iads setup. One question to the group, what is the lua code to add a node to the command center? Is it the same script as adding a node to a SAM or EWR?
  5. I think what he was trying to say is that stealth is somewhat useless against a well trained opponent that understands how to use their electronic warfare equipment specifically ground radars and missile systems. Despite all the lessons learned during the 1st gulf war the NATO forces were incapable of effectively applying air power to destroy the required targets. More fake targets or decoys were attacked than actual military assets. The limited IADS of the country dogged both NATO air forces and particularly the US Navy. This did show to the US war planners that their methods and reliance on technology that worked well in an open desert against an inept military will not work against a trained military that has advantageous terrain. Better capabilities in tactics and use of the terrain almost completely nullify the ability of SEAD/DEAD missions to exact destruction of SAMs and forced allied combat aircraft to either abort, miss targets widely, or take on extreme risk. It also showed just how limited the stealth advantage is against ground based radars and missile systems. Current stealth aircraft (maybe not the new B-21) are all optimized against air threat radars as these still pose the greatest threat from a near pear adversary. The general rule is stay away from SAMs at all costs use long range smart munitions to destroy your targets and don't waste time against trying to knock back an agile and mobile IADS. Current SAMs are multiple times more capable than what Yugoslavia fielded yet the tactics and weapons against them are only slightly better. Jamming and swarms of drones will take on a whole new role very shortly as the ability of radars continues to increase and the ROI for stealth diminishes. However I do agree with your statement that the original poster has difficulty differentiating "between a naked woman and an alien".
  6. The Harrier and Tarawa still make good AI think of it as a AI add on pack and the frustration will diminish.
  7. That is the top speed of the mod. I just use it as eyecandy on the carrier.
  8. Yes same issue for me Geschirre. I cannt see the supercarrier or the F-14 by heatblur. This has been like this for me since version 3. I assume its a combination of my mods but i have not been able to figure out which ones
  9. Toutenglisse, I've done this and it makes no difference. I gave up after 4 hours and just deleted all the surrounding sam sites, vehicles, aaa, and static objects. I set each AV-8B flight to attack only one specific target using the attack unit command and all for the amount of rockets or bombs to drop in one attack. This mostly works, they will still occasionally fly off to some random direction, just turn around in circles aimlessly, or make attack runs but not fire their rockets or drop their bombs. I have tried setting their distances turn in on target but this makes no difference weather its 10nm or even out to 40nm straight in.
  10. I need some help understanding what is wrong with the AI. No matter what I do in ME they are just doing their own thing. I read everything I can online about ME but none of it seems to work. I have multiple targets on the PG map with numerous flights set to attack them. Using CAS with either Search and Engage or Engage Unit does nothing they all fly around and just get shot up by AAA or manpads and typically attack other target not in either the zone or the ones identified as the unit. The best they do is attack a random static building 60km away from the target. Ground Attack with bombing is no better with this option they just attack some random object on the map typically a SAM site 50km away from the target point. Carpet bombing and attack map object have the same effect.
  11. At this point I think modders and third party devs are going to be the answer for this. I would pay extra for maps if they included area specific static objects and AI vehicles/planes/ships. The Strait of Hormuz map was a bit of a let down once I realized there were almost no Iranian assets especially ships, at least we have the SA-2 now and hopefully the SA-5 either this year or next.
  12. If someone could make a VAQ-137 skin when they were deployed on CV-71 that would be awesome.
  13. Admiral189, AWESOME!!!! I would love to see that La Combattante II in game. Check your PM too. Regards, Ruxtmp
  14. I agree navyBtown we need more patrol boats and guided missile patrol boats. I really hope someone does the Saam and Kaman class ships for Iran. They are Vosper Mk5 and La Combattante II class ships. I think someone was working on the Kaman but I cant find the link anymore. Strait of Hormuz map is going to boats once the sea radar and harpoon for the hornet are finished
  15. Still does not work. Just created a mission intending to use guard. You can only hear the radio transmission if you are tuned to the guard channel or set a channel to 243.00. Does not work in Hornet either.
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