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  1. That worked perfect! Cant thank You guys enough! (just took about 5 hours to d/l the drivers.. lol) REALLY APREACIATE Your help, THX Again!!!!!
  2. Thank You Both for Your help! Very much Appreciated! Ill give that a try and report back in a few hours (so my friend can walk me through it) Thanks again Guys!
  3. Hi JG14, it gets almost all the way though loading the map, then hangs. Ive tried it on quick mission , instant action and multyplayer. Im pretty sure when my power went out when I was downloading, and then resumumed, it it missed a file or something. Can someone tell by looking at the log file I attached? Thank You
  4. Game wont finish loading since that huge patch (about 3 patches ago). I had about 1/2 downloaded and had a power outage. re downloaded, installed, and repaired, still wont run. have installed all the patches since then hoping it would fix it, no luck 1.5 works fine I dont know what else to do... Please help me.. with my download speed it would probly take a month to reinstall. Thank You for any help Logs.zip
  5. Thank You BIGNEWY for the fast reply. Appreaciate your help and the link.
  6. Things have changed, can someone tell me how to gift FC-3 to another member? (it hasnt been installed, i just bought 1 too many)
  7. Hi Delta99, That sounds like exactly what us new F-15 pilots need! You can upload it here... https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/ at the top-right corner there is a button to upload your miz. file i think. Thanks for sharing
  8. hi, after d/ling the 2.0 update (20,000 + megs) I cant log in to the game. (invalid serial number) Did a repair, no help, changed my password , no help, made a ticket and reported the number that it gives me in red in the login screen. They cant find the number (checked it 4 times i know its right) and that i need to A, make a screenshot, and B, copy the log to them. I cant figure out how to copy and paste the log,( I know where it is), and I dont know how retrieve or post a screen shot. Id sure appreciate any help. Thx
  9. Ridin on the hype train of DCS.... Speculation central friday mornin rail... 15 cars and 15 restless riders... 3 conductors an 25 sacks of mail................... The conductor sings his song again the passengers will please refrain this trains got the disapearin rail road blues... ;)
  10. Verry cool Thank You! I wonder if you could use this with it? https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=170746
  11. That sounds cool! Does it use SU-27 flight model & wepons?
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