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  1. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Leadbottom! You ROCK my good man! I removed VSN_105 & VSN_104 just for good measure. Working like it champ! Greatly appreciate your suggestion! Keep Flying, Leadbottom!!
  2. I have done everything that Mav783, Masterofzen have done. I to, am experiencing exactly the same disconnect after I launch OpenBeta after the latest update was download today. I have my log attached. I did the cleanup and repair twice, removed all non OEM folders, downloaded updated Microsoft Visual for Windows 10, C++ (2015-2022). Launch, small DCS screen starts then disappears. Please advise. I am bitting at the bit to try the newest F-18 ACLS, deck crew, wands, etc. Greatly appreciate any direction for a resolution. Thank You. Logs.rar
  3. Excellent call, MAXsenna! I updated my vc redist. and all is good! Greatly appreciate the suggestion! Your right, that is why this community exists! Passionate family taking care of each other! Thank You again, MAXsenna! Fly On my friend!
  4. Thank You, MAXsenna. I will give it a go this afternoon when I get home. Appreciate the guidance and suggestions!
  5. Yes, I have it installed "User\DCSOpenbeta\mods\aircraft\Hercules". See posts above.
  6. I have attached my logs. Please advise. Thank you. Logs.rar
  7. Here's a couple more with path and verbiage that says I can't take control.
  8. Thank You EBABIL and MAXsenna. I have verified both of your suggestions. Still same situation. It is telling me I can not take control still. I've attached some screenshots too. Thank You.
  9. Good day All. I have downloaded the current 6.7 Hercules. I have placed it in User\DCS Openbeta\mods\Hercules. I see it when I launch the sim. I tried to do a quick mission as well as a mission I have created. I launch the mission but it goes to the map. It will not allow to take control for any of the missions. I believe we don't need a license that I'm aware of. I've even signed up with Discord. Still not able to take control. I've tried RAlt+j, and just "j" too. What am I miss here. I did have the Hercules several months ago. I did uninstall several times. I have done several cleanup and repairs but still no joy. Please advise. Thank You.
  10. Crashes When loading Any Mission Or Quick Start (Resolved) Greatly appreciated today's update! Resolved my crash issues on all Aircraft I own. Missions, campaigns, quick missions. All are fully functional and even much improved frame rates (65-70) for an older CPU. Thank You to ED for the fix and BIGNEWY for keeping us in the loop. My hats off to all. Now down to working the new SC!:thumbup:
  11. Crashes When loading Any Mission Or Quick Start / Added Task Mgr. CPU screen shoot Attempted to load another mission, no joy. Attached the task manager for CPU screen shoot during the crash just for giggles. Attached more fresh crash log. dcs.log-20200524-180846.zip
  12. Crashes When loading Any Mission Or Quick Start Same with ME Updated NVIDIA updated drivers. Cleaned and repaired once again. Confirmed vanilla basic aircraft only, no mods. Still crashes. Added additional fresh crash file. dxdiag.txt dcs.log-20200522-014501.zip
  13. Crashes When loading Any Mission Or Quick Start Still no joy. Uninstalled all mods, turned off all shadows. Ran clean- up and repair. It doesn't matter what Aircraft I attempt to fly, in quick missions, missions, campaigns, training, etc. It crashes when I select a mission, loads up the specific mission, start mission, progress bar shows half loaded then crashes. I have the Pentium Dual core CPU E6800@3.33Ghz 2.27Ghz. I had no issues what so ever until the update 5/20/20. Now any thing I load up crashes. I have attached a fresh crash log too. Please advise. Thank You. dcs.log-20200521-234258.zip
  14. Crashes When loading Any Mission Or Quick Start Same here. Downloaded update. Downloaded SC. Crashes when loading mission (any). Performed cleanup, performed repair. Still crashes when loading any quick start, mission. Crash log sent twice. Attached last crash log here. Please advise. Everything was fine until update 5/20/20 and downloaded SC too.:dunno::dunno: dcs.log-20200521-053547.zip
  15. Thank You Cobra847. Would really like to resolve this problem. The Viggen is extremely enjoyable aircraft to fly!
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