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  1. Hi Bitmaster, thank you for your reply! My stutters only happen with TIR, but is buttery smooth when disabled. How did you manage to get it running so smoothly? I have mine capped through the autoconfig file @ 60, lined out the max fps in the graphics file (per Goa) and have disabled gsync. Any help you could give me I would appreciate it immensely!
  2. Man,that is crazy. I've been struggling for years with stuttering issues and it causes me to just stop playing dcs a few months at a time. I watched Hellreign82 last video and it is so smooth, I wish I could replicate his in game performance. I run at 1440p and see that he runs at 1080p...maybe 1440p is too much for my PC to handle dcs? I do have a gsync monitor, but it is disabled.
  3. I have the same problem too but have not found a solution. As soon as the tgp comes on, the fps tank and I get crazy stutters
  4. I stayed up until 4 am last night troubleshooting. It seems that the stutters are in the A10c in general. I couldn't find any other posts of people having the same issue unfortunately. It's so maddening because I want to finish this awesome campaign! Thank you so much Baltic!
  5. Hello Baltic, First of all, thank you so much for all your content. Incredible work! So I've noticed that in every mission I get stutters every 20 seconds or so, without the FPS dropping. I don't experience this anywhere else in the game, no matter unit count or graphic settings. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks!
  6. I just wanted to show the settings that worked for me, after an unhealthy time researching, tweaking and testing. The stutters that I was getting made DCS unplayable for me...Now it runs super smooth: autoconfig set to cap 60 options.graphics.maxfps = 60 graphics.lua delete max fps line nvidia inspector lock frames at 60, framerate limiter mode = Limiter V2 - AllowAll monitor @ 120Hz, GSync ON (Ultrawide 3440x1440) NVIDIA Control panel = Max power performance Process Lasso All cores Priority = high i/o priority: high Application power profile: Bitsum high power (disables parked cores) DCS Settings: Textures: High Terrain Tex: High Civ: None Water: High Vis Range: high H Blur: low Shadows: High Res: 3440x1440 Cockpit display: 1024 MSAA: 4x DOF: off Lens: off Motion blur: off SAA: off Clutter: Max Trees: Max Preload: Max Chimney smoke: 1 Ani Fil: 16x Terrain shadows: flat Cockpit global illum: On Rain drops and Fullscreen checked With these settings I can fly above 10 feet off of the treeline in Georgia, with numerous units in the ground and air. My specs are in my signature. Hopefully this could help someone!
  7. Sorted out the problem. I was getting a an ntdll.dll error on dcs crashes per windows event viewer. Tried doing a startup repair and wouldn't even complete. After doing some research, I found that there were a lot of windows updates that hadn't been pushed for some reason. Applied the updates, ran sfc /scannow and everything is working flawlessly. Hopefully this will help others who were having the same problem as I did. Thanks everyone!
  8. Memory was at 16gbram usage and gpu 80% so I dont think its a memory leak. I did try SP and mission editor and got CTDs. It's gotten really bad, almost unplayable. I had crashes minutes after opening DCS. One of the crashes did manage to report a code. Please let me know if someone can help me out with this.
  9. Thanks Tout. I havent OC'd my GPU and I see around 97-98% usage. Settings that I run: 3440x1440 Everything high, no MSSA, 1.5 SSAA Frames capped at 60
  10. Hello Everyone, I was hoping that someone could help me figure out why I get crashes to desktop without any error codes or logs. It has been going on for a few updates now. Sometimes it's random, sometimes after 1-2hrs of MP. It's pretty frustrating because I usually host for a few friends, and after an hour or two into the mission...CTD and frustrated friends lol. My specs are as follows: MSI Z370 M5 Gaming EVGA SuperNOVA 1200 P2, 80+ PLATINUM 1200W H100i v2 i7 8700k @ 4.8Ghz 64gb Corsair Dominators @ 2440Mhz EVGA 1080ti FTW3 / Driver 419.17 NVMe (OS) Barracuda 4tb (Apps) Firecuda HDD (Steam) Samsung Evo SSD 500gb (Racing Sims) Samsung Evo SSD 500gb (DCS & Saved Games Folder) Phanteks Enthoo Pro HOTAS Warthog CH Pedals TrackIR 5 Logitech FSP Gametrix Jetseat kw-908/Buttkicker 2 To me, this is an indication of a memory leak...although I cant see that happening with 64gb ram + a 16348mb pagefile. I also run process lasso to set affinity to physical cores and elevate IO & memory to high. Mods I use are modified keybinds (.lua), reshade, a4, Harrier sounds and a few others. Even disabled, I still get CTD. I have cleaned up & repaired DCS numerous times. If there is anything I can provide you guys with that would help diagnosing, please let me know. Thank you guys so much!
  11. Thank you so much! You guys are awesome
  12. Thank you so much!. After ordering all three components to be printed through Shapeways, they wrote me back saying that the side clamp was too thin and had a 0% success rate to print. Should I be worried or should I have them printed anyways? This is on versatile plastic. Btw, this would be the first 3d print I ever ordered! Again, thanks so much Terry Dactil!
  13. I'm having the same problem. When loading into the cockpit, my fps falls to 25 for about half a minute and then it goes back to normal. The same happens when I go into external or map view and return to cockpit view. i7 8600k @ 4.8ghz, 64gb Ram, SSD, 1080ti FTW3 (driver 416.94) Running OpenBeta 3440x1440 locked at 60fps for trackIR 5
  14. Thank you so much man! You made this sim less intimidating as a newcomer. Happy New Year!
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