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  1. More testing quest2 @ 1.2 and OTT 1.2 . ASW @ 30HZ . Half decent results . In single player.
  2. New VR user Quest2 . I've spent three days and nights reading and test study in VR with DCS . It's an old game engine and is in need of big update from ground up . Please no more modules concentrate on fix game engine and AI . VR in other sims very good . I noticed my cockpit looks crystal clear, can read all gages but I look out side and it's jaggy and messy . Objects are distorted. But 2D @ 3200x1800 looks clear . Don't understand why VR in DCS looks so bad . My guess is old engine with VR thrown in .
  3. As of today this Mod don't work . I'm getting error at 50% load on any maps .
  4. Thank you . Flew in multiplayer last night on my quest2 . Cockpit looked clear as day but outside world was jaggy and blurry . Would that be PD.1.0 or game options No MSAA .?
  5. How do you uninstall OpenComposite if things go wrong . Thanks for the updates . looking as we speak
  6. Quest2 uses its own built in software. Run it . Set to 72hz max slider 1.7 Run debug tool . Copy what's said here . Download sidequest run and copy resolution as above. For clarity. No need for steamvr .
  7. Latest drivers Custom a resolution 3200x1800 save as native . Scale on GPU not desktop .
  8. My cockpit looks amazing nice and clear but the outside world looks blurry and messy with jaggy lines . ?? Why is that . ?? Spotting is big black blobs and i have to get really close to see what they are . ? How can i make the outside world clear .
  9. Anyone got this working with Quest2 .
  10. Yep sounds just like me yesterday . I tested on Enigma server and all back to normal easy take off and fully laden with weapons . I think you are right with height and heat . Guess ill drop fuel to get of the ground .
  11. KoN

    Weight limit

    Well that's a good answer there . We are on the Syria map at Altitude and wind was quite strong . Rotorheads server . So heat and Altitude could be the factor . Three attempts too take off , just could not gain any Hight ,My collective was at max , Felt like the engines are underpowered. All other Heli's were taking off quite easy with full weapon load outs . ill test again today see if I can do track but as you know DCS tracks are broken . I wish we had the record button like other sim , Great battles . So easy to record .
  12. Within weight limit but can't take off . Load weapons and fuel . Drag sliders down to weight limts but can't take off at full throttle . Load troops at 600kg . Weight limit still in the white . ?
  13. Still same Bug online yesterday and the same thing happens few hits and Prop goes . Always same bug .
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