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  1. Could you please elaborate on Helios ? I am having the same problem with my mavericks, been happening for about 2-3 weeks and simply abandonned trying to sort the problem. Since you got it sorted i'd like to as well now lol, but i have no clue what you mean by Helios ? If possible a step by step of what you did to point me in proper direction to fix it on my end too, would appreciate it, thanks
  2. So it took me around 11 minutes and 30 seconds to spot the track of the Abrams through that forest, first try, no cheat, no help from reading through the threat. IR vision didn't seem to make any difference here... Very hard to spot
  3. To be honest, Nicks voice is just as soothing as Wags', both of them are a joy to listen to
  4. You've had plenty of excellent points in this thread, liked them all whenever it felt pertinent to me or the evolution of CA. We can only hope that one day Combined Arms gets overhauled big time I made a few posts regarding CA on different threads throughout time, simply giving my opinion on CA as it stands, or talking about things i wish would someday be made possible. One thing though that keeps coming back to me when reading threads like this one and some of your responses is me wondering if ED has something planned with CA in the future dynamic campaign. If they have planned to allow CA owners to use it in the dynamic campaign in a much more complete or should i say interesting way ? As it stands right now, CA is either used in SP inside missions created with a clear focus and insentive to using it or inside MP missions made once again in a manner that CA has a clear purpose to whoever would come to use it. There isn't really an inbetween level where one could simply be like "Hey, today i feel like driving a tank platoon through the frontline, or how about taking control of this vehicle over there and using it to do this." What i'm trying to say here is that from what we know so far about the dynamic campaign, well things are gonna be dynamic unlike the very static battlefiels we have in the very vast majority of missions, SP or MP. Which makes me think, if while going through my dynamic campaign, i decide to stop flying for a bit and instead take control of a ground unit moving in a group on the frontline to simply play it myself first hand, would that be possible ? And in a way that doesn't break AI logic for the rest of the group still moving ? I just hope CA is gonna be well implemented to work with the dynamic campaign, clearly creating an insentive to owning it and using it during those dynamic campaigns, just as much as in SP or MP.
  5. If this can point you in a more precise direction i think you're referencing this to the Russian war in Afghanistan and the Hinds actually using their heat seaking AA missiles on ground targets on which they would get enough heat source to get a lock, i'm sure i've read it somewhere (Or heard), though i can't remember if it was from a thread on the Forum, a Sunday supplement or Youtube video... Look around Hind threads and you'll find it i'm sure
  6. Из Google Translate. Это было первое, что пришло мне в голову ! Я бы хотел увидеть корейскую карту в DCS ! English : That was the first thing that came to my mind actually ! I would love to see a Korean map come to reality in DCS !
  7. I guess you're also right in a way, the "No plans" could be interpreted in many ways, but the way i understood it was him using a "polite" diplomatic way of saying "No, we're not interested in it because of the reasons he followed with". Yeah ok dude, you're right, don't wanna bother with you.
  8. That's your own thing if you wanna guess what i'd have said at any point in time. Unless you can link any evidence of something i've said or written, than i've not said or written it.
  9. Oh yeah let's all base it on the Wish list part because it's indeed the most relevant thing of this thread, especially after it was titled "DCS World 2022 Beyond and Video Teaser..." (And initially posted in the DCS World 2.7 Subforum but moved in the Wishlist subforum by mods) and literally asking for what people thought would be teased in that video, you know, let's all make our fantasy plane wishes in a video that would actually tease something plausible from ED. Because we're all so tunnel visioned after our fantasy plane wish list, trying to stay real for a bit would be too hard. So now I'm condescending and adopting a derisive and unhelpful tone, i guess that's one way putting a sticker on my forehead with written on it "Baddy, don't listen to him"... I guess it should be common sense by now that certain planes cannot be made (For the forseable future) because of the many reasons that have been discussed around the forums and more. But whatever, i poke the beehive and i shouldn't have, i'm sorry for it. Sure, what's more realistic and funnier to you than the words from EDs Business Development Director Simon Pearson ? (Oh and by the way, this applies to the F-18E Super Hornet too for the ones after it too) F-18E answer : https://youtu.be/zRKL0yZHvwg?t=5717 F-15C answer : https://youtu.be/zRKL0yZHvwg?t=5790
  10. I have to agree with you here, even though i'm not precisely in line with everything you say. 1 Wags videos are indeed very good as they are. 2 It's not that i'm not happy about new or modified features having no training missions or discussions in the doc, but more a "It'd be really cool to have them indeed" 3 Not considering a module out of EA because of that could be discussed and put on personnal opinion i guess, but definitely agree that if all of it was documented or made a training mission, it would be very welcome and a plus to call it complete 4 Chucks guide helps a ton, but unless Chuck himself doesn't update his manual, you're down to step one. (And as much as Chucks guide is awesome for something free, it still remains unofficial)
  11. To be honest with you, the idea is very good to me. I've known DCS since LOMAC, started playing it with that. If i got myself into it at that time, it was because to me that was the only Simulator consisting of "recent" jets you could use in a combat manner. As of today, if i were to fly WWII, i probably wouldn't choose DCS unfortunately as like i said just above, DCS is to me for jets, i'm not very interested in props (And i'm probably missing out, because i know ED has done amazing recreation of the few WWII props !). BUT, if i was able to buy an WWII FC3 style package to get a foot in the WWII side of DCS, that would probably do it for me !
  12. Major reason why i didn't even bother getting myself into this thread, i could tell from the very early moment i read the title and first lines how this would evolve. The illusion in which most people are makes me laugh, it's as if those same people have just arrived on the forum yesterday and literrally never read or heard about DCS and the whole subject of classified data/planes/docs to allow any sort of new planes/heli what so ever in the game. Always hoping and wishing for something not in line with the reality of what ED can bring to us. Don't take it the wrong way, but i see you've been registered on the forum since 2009, kinda funny to see you'd "guess" a Super Hornet, F-15C or an F-16D or higher block. A veteran like you of the forum should know very well that those guesses are clearly not realistic at all and just wild wishes. I could go into details of why so, but i guess you can figure it out quite easily This definition of illusion matches very well most replies i've seen posted in this thread : Illusion, appreciation in line with what someone wants to believe, but wrong in relation to reality. Plus, i'd like to add, we should let ED do their thing, how should we know they are even going to tease any new plane or heli with their End of Year video ? Yeah ok it kind of became a trend the last 2 years i think, but I never looked at it as a set in stone trend that would automatically happen every year. If they do tease a new module, than good, i'll be as happy as everyone, if they don't, none of us should be disapointed, they've already spoiled us quite a bit this year, not counting all that's to come that is already known.
  13. Very cool checklist ! I actually did a few checklists for myself too, for the start up procedure and weapon systems etc, helps out quite a bit when missing a detail for something But yours is much cleaner and well put out ! If i may ask and that isn't too much of a hasle to do, would it be possible to make a short video from start of checklist to the end ? That would help understand and locate certain switches, as well as fully understand the reasoning behind certains steps. I know for my checklist i sometimes have to rewatch Wags' start up video to remember what certains acronyms refer to and or where certain switches are... (I guess actually flying the plane regularly and going through these checklists each time too helps making it somewhat muscle memory, but until then, a nice sheet of paper is always your best friend And by the way, if that is something you're interested in doing and you fancy too, how would you like doing the same type of checkist for weapon usage, TPOD usage etc ? It can get confusing sometimes remembering all the steps/switches location for using each and every system. If you're interested in seeing the checklists i've done for myself, i'll attach a few exemples here (Keep in mind they are very rough and were made on notepad++ while following steps given by videos, not counting they were made with no intent to be used by somebody else, therefore a bit of "Hold my hand" type of procedure haha) F-16 AGM-65 Checklist F-16 Startup Checklist F-16 Targeting Pod Checklist
  14. I can't wait to have the Sniper Pod and see the differences between the 2, and mostly what added features/options you get with the Sniper Pod.
  15. Awesome stuff ! Very milsim like The VDL is indeed something really great, i was told about it from a military friend who saw it IRL, i was not even aware that was a thing before he told me about it, makes CAS even more interesting for both parties. While in the subject, i'd like to say that looking at your video, it screams to me how awesome and fun the whole "working together" is when combining both players flying planes or helis and ones using Combined Arms to guide or request help from the air guys. As much as your video is focused on the VDL and JTAC maneuvers, it's undenyable the amount of possibilites there could be if more MP missions/servers had Combined Arms put forward for players to use in combination with the rest flying overhead. It is work like the one you're showing here that truly shows how much potential there is in using Combined Arms. Anyway, great to see what you guys managed coming up with ! Thanks for sharing
  16. Yes i just read that over there indeed, apparently some Toyota has been modeled already From Chizh himself on the Russian forum :
  17. Never saw it, looked for it, had to post it here, indeed a great video ! Although old, still a must watch in the DCS sphere Damn we've come a long way ! Hopefully one day CA gets the major overhaul it deserves !
  18. This cannot be said enough ! All i can hope for is that ED has plans for it (And at best, is already working on it in the background).
  19. Ohh ok, thanks for the update, wasn't quite sure
  20. A scenario i'd definitely enjoy playing ! Nothing wrong with it. I guess we all have different tastes, one can enjoy it while another one will find it boring, nonetheless nothing bad about different types of "missions". If you were an Apache pilot, i don't think you'd be allowed to tell your government "Hey, looking for dug up insurgents running in sandals is boring as F, i'm not going for the mission. Find me a war where i can shoot tanks." This idea sounds very cool indeed, goes back to the dynamic campaign coming sometime, anything dynamic with vehicules actually moving around and trying to complete objectives while you're part of the war doing your bit of it and not just flying to objective to find sitting targets ready to be blown. I'm up for any type of mission, whether it be engaging random troops and few vehicles, or going out taking on armored columns pushing the frontline, anything well designed by the mission maker will be fun !
  21. Hahaha indeed, damn i'm feeling stupid now Sorry for the mistake, let's say i was just tired
  22. To be honest with you, whether or not Mover and Gonky got into this, i feel like most of the time, this "arm wrestling for correctness" whether one or the other plane flies correctly between the 16 and the 18 is mostly about people not accepting that their favorite planes gets beaten by the other, therefore simply a matter of ego that people blame on the FM of either plane. Of coarse people would throw rocks at me for saying this, but it's simply the feeling i get over time reading these never ending discussions.
  23. I don't understand Danish, but that was great to watch indeed ! Thanks for sharing It's only a matter of time before my country also switches to the 35 from the 16, BAF
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