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  1. Thank you, problem solved. I forgot to properly set coalitions
  2. Since I play DCS for years now, it appears they are always lots of radio/ai/atc problems. It kills the immersion a lot I will not list them all, since nobody at ED seems to care about that Best regards
  3. Hi, ATC doesn't answer my taxi request. At Beslan, I set freq to 141000 then I select VHF2 -> no answer At Senaki, I set freq to 132000 then VHF2 -> ATC answers In the DCS 2.5 Options, easy com and radio assist is disabled.
  4. When I hold short on runway and ask for takeoff clearance, the ATC doesn't answer. You can reproduce this issue in Senaki-Kholki on runway 09. Startup and taxi request are working fine.
  5. left hand mouse -> no throttle needed anymore I use my mouse with the left hand. I have no throttle device because I've mapped throttle axis to mouse wheel using a self made program, but you can also use some programs on the internet. My mouse is a Logitech ambidextrous with 6 buttons on it that i use as modifiers. On the right hand, i have T16000M. For radio menus i use voice command program. The point is i don't need the keyboard anymore and i'm ready for virtual headset. I really think it's the only way to go
  6. Same issue here, same symptoms : after 2 to 20 min flying Mig21 in multiplayer, the game freezes. I'm not able to tell what action causes this crash. I don't think it's a hardware issue, because a bunch of guys have the same issue and they run on different machines. The freeze occurs when there is more than x players online. 0 players -> ok
  7. Like when you die and go to heaven ?
  8. Hi, same issue here, even after update 1.5.2 It happens only when the sea appear in TGP tgp_bug.trk
  9. The issue happens when you want to click on a cockpit button while your head is moving a bit because of trackir sensitivity. For some of us it's very difficult because trackir is more sensitive on a single screen setup.
  10. Maybe it can be done modifying some lua files. If someone can tell me what lua file to modify it would be very nice. I'm developer so maybe it will be not so difficult.
  11. To resolve this "lost my mouse cursor" issue, they could draw a line going from the middle of the screen to the cursor (not very elegant i agree). Or they could make the cursor follow the screen edges when it goes out of view. For now i'm going to forget clickable cockpits and go back using keyboard as i'm fed up chasing buttons with the mouse.
  12. Hi, I know this issue has been discussed a couple of times in the past. It would be very useful to add an option to make the mouse cursor stick on the cockpit, instead of the view. The shaking of the head movements plus the shaking of the plane makes it very difficult to use the mouse in clickable cockpits. I think it's a very big issue for most of trackir users. Pausing trackir before clicking with mouse is not realistic at all and I don't think this option is so difficult to implement. Thanks Olivier
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