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  1. You have already admitted that you play PvE, mainly ground attack and you are not an experieneced online dogfighter. You also proved your abilities to not jam Dora's guns. In other words you don't push her to the limit. So if there were minor changes you wouldn't notice them. Why are you realy disscussing here? I can't say if there were amy changes to the flight model but the test doesn't seem to be reliable. What is bothering me is that Dora remains at disadventage compared to enemies, which is not completly historicaly correct. @masalama, if you would like misinterpret me again, I shall add that I never said I can't fly Dora well.
  2. Why doesn't the speed indicator go down even slightly when turning?
  3. I bet your favourite feature is guns jamming, which only occurs on Axis.
  4. Thanks but I'm already familiar with that and I don't have difficulties with defeating unconscious enemies.
  5. Unless spitfire's pilot knows what he's doing.
  6. Are the flight models of the warbirds stated as correct and final? Are they open for further research and rework? Dora seems to be broken in many ways. In fact she was one of the finest machines of Luftwaffe. In DCS, however she's like a breakfast for Spitfires which were 2 years older. Achieving perfect simulation of real world is impossible. It is not just my opinion but it comes from law of physics. Simulation will always miss some variables which could make a plane more or less capable. Therefore you could focus a little at making warbirs comparable with each other. I have no doubts that the present level of realism is very high, just I wish flying warbirds would be more competitive.
  7. I found this very anoying in narrow cockpit of Bf109. Once I turn behind and up I'm too close to the cockpit bars and can't see s##t. Can we have an option to disable this feature?
  8. From manual: Inverted Flight No inverted flight, engine lubrication system is unsuitable. However, all aerobatic maneuvers may be performed, even if briefly leading through inverted flight.
  9. That's great! Cloud you also explain this screenshot?
  10. Hello. I have no problem with radiator flaps open/close buttons but I can not make radiator AXIS working. Am I missing something ??
  11. Have the same problem with 6th mission. Upload track and debiefing, please :D
  12. Are you absolutely sure about this? ....This $hit happens with many other games as well. Steam is nothing more than brainless humanless machine making money driven by iPod. In this days game devs try to push piracy away ...from the dark side of the force...
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