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  1. 应用程序焦点指的是处于活动状态/最上方的那个窗口/程序 失去焦点说明有你不小心点到其他程序了,一般情况只有获得焦点的那个程序可以接受键鼠和dinput输入。 强制全屏可以防止不小心点到外面去,还有卸载那些喜欢往别的窗口前面跳的应用,抢夺焦点的流氓程序什么的
  2. 人家说的很清楚了 DCS认证服务器托管在法国OVH,国内运营商并未与其peering,走OVH的路线都是从其他国家的运营商与OVH的public peer绕路, 电信到美国绕了一圈、联通绕到加拿大,移动也是绕的美国,容量不够,又绕地球一圈,一旦流量上去丢包丢死你
  3. maybe just more ppl keep seeding stable. or those seeders have more bandwidth. by common sense they should not always same, unless their are the original source seeders( official server) as i mentioned. usually if you put torrent file in a decent BT client, you can see actually who contribute most of speed. and the seeds health stat which one is more "popular" in general. probably they wont be the same or the offcial seeder have speed policy settings. who knows. if you want to jump into those tech details. you can find those torrent file under _download folder while downloading. put them into a BT software.
  4. they are p2p distribution by default, not center server. you connect with people , and they are not always the same in BitTorrent network. and the speed will NOT always stay as same. just matter of time, they may shift and changes in BitTorrent. unless you only got the original source server , but it aslo change because other ppl may connect it as well. when with HTTP method, it has multiple server across euro and US, you may not always get same server for deliver ob and stable, and internet capacity on server , on route , by ISP policy may very different because all kind of traffic.
  5. Base latency did nothing with bandwidth. Base latency is just physical distance / light speed in fiber, plus 10~40 routers processing time, plus bufferboat and qos buffer time. BTW China did not have such thing called "net neutrality". By avg, per user global internet access is less than 0.05mbps ( cnnic research). Thus plus notorious gfw, nasty laws, China ISP companies did not accept any public peering, sell international access ip trans 1000x more expensive, to those big ass international company that can afford.because of this for home users, In most China ISP throttle policy, home internet access to offshore internet ranked in lowest tier. Or pay 10000(yuan) or 2000$ per Mbps per month for dedicated international internet access. Or cheap chinese gaming VPN(aka accelerator) which basically is reselling their high tier business internet plan, technically it's illegal and require license( almost impossible to obtain ), but it's China anyway ppl find their own way to do business regardless, and it may act as honey pot sniff all of your traffic for "reasons" In short get your ass out that place asap.
  6. 这个如果不是有看不见的东西堵住的话。应该是起飞时间的问题。你是没有办法直接要求ai 起飞的。 可以试下修改任务文件看看起飞时间对不对,然后改个停机位
  7. F-16在openbeta 36986+ Openbeta branch. 默认branch是stable,你还在35461,你需要切到openbeta
  8. 看了一圈wiki,公开的lua 函数没有你要的这种功能。AI停止移动AI off这一类指令只能用于地面单位。AI在路径点1盘旋或者uncontrolable,设置盘旋时间,或者使用all unit in zone 触发器,或者radio item F12 来关闭AI盘旋
  9. 那个input 玩家自定义曲线lua数组中,默认是11条。我发现其实相关的功能完全可以接受更多的参数,比如101(0-100)条,实现超精细的斜率控制,甚至可以在曲线中设置多个deadzone,比如用来隔离加力和军推,使每架飞机都可以准确的在猪杆/虫杆加力卡笋位置达到MIL F15c.diff.lua [31] = 0.188, // 斜率K=0.6 [32] = 0.194, [33] = 0.2, // 节流阀detent物理位置1:3 // [34] = 0.2, // 3% 加力/军推死区 [35] = 0.2, // [36] = 0.212, // K=1.2 b=0.2 [37] = 0.224, [38] = 0.235, [39] = 0.247, [40] = 0.259, 。。。 [101] = 1.0 既做到了两种斜率同时存在,也消除了默认算法产生的弧线而破坏两边线性的问题 有点缺陷就是自定义曲线默认套用的那个曲率算法无论你多么精细的细分,都会套用在当中,不过这种弧线只存在于每个点之间,我的例子中即每个1%以内,基本上消除了原来的曲线。 适合有有强迫症玩家:smilewink:
  10. debrief ≠ track。 多人自动track 可以禁用,通过autoexec传参,参数。。忘记了。。论坛上有 搜一下吧 单人默认不保存,多人是实时的貌似 debrief 统计貌似动不了。
  11. Nineline 说项目有调整。ED连预告片都删了,届时会有新预告片发布。
  12. ED has done the research before. wag said most of ppl play singleplayer. and please use the bulletin poll function.
  13. it seems i figure it out. maybe not the same issue. i mistakenly took client track compare with server tracks:music_whistling: more like desync between server/client . rewatch tracks from both side. somehow there is no action on client side or lots delay. server events look legit. client looks bad most of times. My tracks are mess i only pick the recently 2 test run. Im not very sure if it belone this issue or not. help me figure it out:music_whistling: Multiplayer.zip
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