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  1. I'm considering buying the VPC Control Panel 2 to add to my setup but I'm worried that I may have to lift my headset up to use it, therefore breaking my immersion. Before I spend £200, I just want a bit of assurance from people here that do use button boxes with VR headsets if it's worth it or not. Can you use your button box consistently (emphasis on "consistently", were you're not thumbling around or misclicking 1/3rd of the time) without needing to lift your headset up?
  2. Unlike the real CP/G seat in the Apache with its TEDAC control grips, the vast majority of us use our stick & throttle to control the TEDAC, and for obvious reason we don't have stick & collective inputs bound as we don't want to accidentally move the helicopter around while we're trying to line up a hellfire on a target. I think it would be good if we could have a keybind (that also supports toggle switches) to turn stick & throttle inputs on and off for those instances where we do want to fly the Apache from the CP/G seat.
  3. Is it possible to adjust the length of time required to Long Press a button to activate it? I find the default long press just a bit too long, personally.
  4. I want to use the centre button to reset my trim, but in game it's not useable as a button. I still want the functionality were I can hold down the centre button for 3 seconds to switch it from an axis to a pov hat, but I also want the centre to act as a normal button when I press it in without holding.
  5. This has happened at least 3 times to me now and I'm not sure if it's me or the Hind that's causing it. I find the Hind will just out of no where roll to the right and will not let up, even with full cyclic to the left (and with the trim reset so I can get as much deflection as possible). I know the Hind can very easily tip over when doing a turn but this has happened when I was flying straight and level, and it only happens (at least so far) on the right side, and not left.
  6. When I join a server, I don't have a menu. I can bring up the escape menu, but if I click something like "roles" nothing happens, and then when I exit out of the server, the main menu stops working. Everything was working fine yesterday so I have no idea what broke it.
  7. Sorry if it's already been stated but have ED said when they're going to fix the clouds in VR yet so they aren't stuck at low quality?
  8. What do you guys think? Would you say the Ryzen 5 5600x is a good balance in terms of cost to performance for DCS in VR? Or would you recommend something different? My budget isn't incredibly tight but I do want to get the best cost-to-performance ratio I can for DCS VR.
  9. Does anyone know if the i7-10700k will offer much a performance improvement over the i5-10600k in DCS? It doesn't seem that much better In other games from what I've seen but considering DCS is CPU limited, I'm wondering if the i7 will be enough of a boost to warrant the extra £100 for it compared to the i5. Anyone know?
  10. Found this on Reddit https://i.imgur.com/lAKVg8M.jpg
  11. Will the Kiowa come with a campaign at some point? If so, is there any details that Poly can provide?
  12. Any Brits here that have imported WINWING? How long did it take?
  13. Wish ED would fix this already. It's such a shame that this month of free modules was ruined by unplayable performance in VR. I was really looking to sink my teeth into the JF-17 to see if it was something I wanted to buy but I can't play it...
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