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  1. @davidp57 hmmm, so a wipe and new server install fixed your issue? how do you automate the choice of mission at server start? do you not leave your server up 24/7 and start it when needed? thx!
  2. I did remove the serversettings.lua file and start over, still not working properly. i have the issue reported above where selecting a mission in the list will run the mission above it. if i want the mission at the top bottom of the list I am out of luck. anybody at ED seeing/working on this? are all dedicated servers having this issue? has anyone had a uninstall and reinstall fix it?
  3. Does anyone not have a fix for this? Is it due to carrying an old config file forward to new versions? something? This is extremely annoying and painful when trying to run a server. I have tried manual edits to the config file for missions list, editing within the local web gui (which does update the config file correctly). the only thing that allows one to change the mission is stopping the server, editing the mission list to have only the mission you want to run, then restarting the server.
  4. @PB0_CEFThanks! I like that I do not need to open ME, I can then work on my laptop as it is very slow with ME. Thx for the hint, I will search otherwise for that list and if available ill post back. For expediency I will check other campaigns. In general, are users able to select their own liveries though the rearm window?
  5. @PB0_CEF Thanks for the pointers. To add aiframes/squadrons, do I need to open the mission (either the first mission or the ongoing mission) files in the ME to add them? or only in the OOB_init.lua and db_loadouts.lua? as an aside, is there an easy reference to objects in the game? airbases, squadrons/liveries, nations? far easier to look them up in a file list or database than opening the mission editor. Thx! I will share this effort once completed if anyone is interested.
  6. Thanks - we are done with Caucasus for now. Had enough since we have been flying a Surrexen campaign there for several months. Thanks, I will take a look -it does not look too awful difficult. Can I add squadrons or should I only change them? For our group we are missing the JF-17, F-15, Ka-50 (although maybe not viable in this scenario due to distance), SU-25T, and maybe a couple others on blue. We know it is not super realistic, but some of our folks like to fly certain airframes as we are inclusive of people. Can I ask for help with details if needed? If so, where would you prefer I ask for help? My two main questions right now are: What does coef represent? I see it seems to be used for mission/sortie types? And to reserve aircraft get activated if necessary?
  7. Thx. I did run the .bat file for starting one of the campaigns. i saw i could select several types of aircraft and mission types. but what if an aircraft type somebody wants to fly is not listed in the .bat file for setup? how to change that?
  8. These campaigns look great, and I see it is said they are multiplayer compatible? But a question, are they really single airframe only? I.e. can players fly different airframes in these campaigns? If so, will they be used cooperatively in packages (not that of a deal if not)? If not able to do so out of the box, suggestions to enabling that? Not afraid of the mission editor or modifyng lua files. Thx!
  9. I am still having this issue, even after the update today. No matter which mission I select in the GUI to run, the mission initially loaded will run (the GUI changes for a second as if it is going to load the new mission, but never does and even though it says Running on the new mission, at the top is says it is still running the mission it loaded with. players connecting can confirm it is the old mission, not the mission that was selected to run. Rarely, I can clock on a mission and it will load what seems a random mission from the list, not necessarilly the one I selected. Did a repair Monday after that update (not sure when it was released, but checked last Wed) and still not working properly. We always use the web GUI on the machine the server is running on. EDIT: in order to get the mission we want, i have to remove all from the list and select one at a time. This behavior started 3-4 weeks or so ago.
  10. To report back (since I got this going again!) I finally had time on our MP session last Wed to test. Rearm seemed to work for me. I landed and rearmed 3 times during the mission and each time I had a chute on the next landing. I hope the sporadic issue can be nailed down.
  11. i would also like to see the SU-33 be able to operate from the US carriers. If the US aircraft can do so from the Kuz, then it should be OK the other way around as well. not in RL, well OK but this is a game after all. We do all kinds of stuff that would not happen in RL.
  12. Surrexen, seems all is good now - i ran a test and red aircraft were spawning. thanks!
  13. confirm it would for you with rearm? and not repair? thx!
  14. Also noted that all ships (even the carriers) are all set to the same radio frequency. I do not think that is gonna work for calling in for landing, etc. also, it seems the zeus functions still do not work? can anyone else confirm or deny zeus functionality in 2.2.1?
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