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  1. Dear ED, Your decision to lock weapons .LUA files is one of the most inexplicable decisions you have ever made. Your statement: "On popular demand we have locked the LUA files relating to weapon systems," I suspect to be patently false. I have spent some time combing forums available to us here and I have failed to find one entry calling for this. As a matter of fact, as recently as a couple of months back you repeatedly assured the modding community that you would not do this. I am not part of the "online community." I am, however, aware that "online community" and server operators have always had an ability to run integrity checks and by means of this level the playing field and ensure that no cheating occurs. What has changed? In addition, I am aware that a number of online groups and squadrons who used personal modds to suit their own purposes. Do they not count? Ultimately I can only speak for myself. I never fly online, so if I make modifications to the game files it affects absolutely no one. Why isn't my enjoyment of the game, and those others like me, just as important? Apparently I do not count and you do not want my business. One of the things that especially irks me is the underhanded way in which this change was brought about. If you were truly so concerned about the input of the community, why not announce this decision and allow the "community" to sound off on it in an egalitarian and transparent way. I fully understand that DCS is ED's platform and that ED has the ability to change how that platform is used, but it is also important to understand that ED has established a certain pattern of use and changing that pattern without any warning or notification might represent a problem for some of us. As for me I have to say that by popular demand I will not spend a red cent with ED or any other developer until these files are unlocked. Good night and good luck, VGlusica
  2. I have to agree I think community modding is near death. I personally don't see any reason to restrict access to these files. I understand some potential issues with online flying (I personally never fly online), but that is easily solved with IC checks, so I don't see what the issue is. I do also understand tech support problems with modded games, but again all ED should do is make it clear that they will not support modded game. Not sure where this is all going, but I do hope that ED will at least give us an explanation.
  3. No official explanation or alternative that I am aware. This is actually what bothers me the most, some sort of explanation would be more than warranted. I don’t want to level too much criticism at this point, this might just be an oversight, as it did happen in the past.
  4. I went through the entire directory and cannot find anything like what we were used to. What I did find seems encrypted.
  5. For me this is more than disappointing. Taking away our ability to mod those files is entirely uncalled for. I wonder what their reasoning behind this might be.
  6. I did a little snooping around just to see what changes were made to different files and these were significant. I also hope RAZBAM will provide us a solution. However, I do tend to agree with Hawkeye about their efficacy when it comes to resolving issues.
  7. So I had a chance to do a bit of testing and the mod works, however, you do end up loosing some symbols on the stores page. Imacken thank you for your efforts trying to sort this out.
  8. I did some testing and I get the same artifacts. After creating a backup I deleted the indicator folder and replaced it with the downloaded one. I am wondering if there might be another file somewhere that need to be reverted. Maybe materials.lua, or something in the displays folder.
  9. Imacken thank you for posting that, I have some time later today, so I will do some testing.
  10. Is it possible that someone could post an entire cockpit folder for those of us who want to revert and don’t have it.
  11. I dont have it handy right now, but I believe there is a chart that you can use to figure out which load would give you unacceptable asymmetric load. When I have a chance I will look it up and see if I can give you guys a basic idea without running afoul of any rules. One thing to keep in mind is that in a certain flight regime you might end up in a situation where your flight controls do not have enough authority to overcome the load asymmetry.
  12. There does exist an actual limit for a landing with asymmetric load. For carrier landing where gross weight is 33,000 lbs or less, asymmetric load cannot exceed 17,000 ft-lbs. If the gross weight is above 33,000 lbs than the maximum is 14,500 ft-lbs. As per NATOPS.
  13. Excellent! Thank you very much.
  14. Merci! You guys are awesome. Every time I see a new mod by you it makes me smile. Thank you for your hard work.
  15. Outstanding mod, please keep them coming. Thank you very much for your work.
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