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  1. Hi, just wondering if anybody is using the t-rudder pedals in a Simpit/chair (In my case Obutto Rev) setup? Are there any issues using them in a sort of reclined position and the ankle press as opposed to a leg press. It looks like the t-rudders are more suited to a press down from seating position rather than a push forward sort of situation? thanks Scott
  2. Hi, How do people have their TrackIR setup with the Apache ? I find my default center point null zone to be a be a bit big - I have to 'glance' away too much to have the IHADSS look around. And zoom settings? Any tips /suggestions/examples would be appreciated. Cheers Scott
  3. Excellent mod thank you. Does the nou nou version work - for some reason It is greyed out and I cannot select or use it. cheers Scott
  4. I had a problem with the NS430 GPS module - the Herc would crash if I had the GPS installed. SBS
  5. Hi, I can see a number of threads and old mods - I also see you can change the menu font size in Options but is there anyway to change (increase) the MP Chat Text size on the RHS of the screen? Cheers Scott
  6. Hi, Thanks very much. Gave it a try and it crashes with a script error after rolling in. Have the .miz The 476v Listest mist And the rangescriot.lua So I am not sure what is wrong. Scott
  7. Hi, Does anyone have this running in current OB as a mission I could try? I cannot get the Range Test.Miz to work at all. If anybody has one would be really appreciated. Thanks Scott
  8. Hi Sedlo, I havent tried them yet do you know if the Harrier missions work? Scott
  9. Just watching the cockpit famil video - didn’t realise the F16 was a side stick confit as opposed to centre ... would be interested to hear what the design/ergonomic/hmi benefits of the different configurations are - why is the f18 centre and f16 side? Anybody flown actual aircraft have thoughts on the +/- of them. Thanks Scott
  10. Brilliant, Works a treat - I have been using DCS for many years now and this is the first ever prepared - planned and operated mission that I have ever flown. You have done a great job and very much appreciated. Bringing a new dimension to DCS for me. Scott
  11. Hi, Tried the mission get to wp 4, take the option to tank, use the radio menu but no answer from the tanker - I cannot see a tanker on the map - there is a C130 but no KC130. Scott
  12. Hi, fixed the keybinds - thought it might have been related but doesnt look like it, Radar on RA on A Master Arm on No CCIP pipper for MK82 Snakeyes Scott
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