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  1. Thanks everybody. I reordered from Dell and will be patient. DC
  2. Dell website lists out of stock, I tried ordering one from them but gave up after 2 months. DC
  3. Is Thrustmaster still manufacturing the Warthog Throttle? I can't seem to find one to buy. Everyplace I look is out of stock. DC
  4. Do you have to turn on the MFD's like in the AV-8 where Left Shift +1 and Left Shift +2 are used?
  5. Side Note: Multi monitor exporting is working. Could you be a little more specific on how to do it?
  6. Thanks guys. Must have done something wrong the first time. Got it working now, thanks again. DC
  7. Thank you KD! Think I might be starting to understand. Is there any way to bind it to a switch on my throttle? There are files for headtracker, joystick, keyboard, mouse and trackir but nothing for a throttle. DC
  8. Alpine1, I could not "connect to the server" either. I reverted to modifying the Monitor Setup .lua file. DC
  9. Very nice, Thanks. Think that I remember reading somewhere that you should be using the radar altimeter. DC
  10. Splash and Greekbull, Thanks for the input, I have it working and really like it. DC
  11. Downloaded the software and everything went well but I can not connect to the server. The installation video says to launch the app on your device. Change any settings necessary to connect to the server. Not sure what this means as the app is already on my desktop and I can't change any server settings. The six check marks are green and I can't get a connection. Any ideas on what I might be missing?
  12. Splash, Thank you. Now I'm not sure what to select in the Options, System, Monitors drop down menu. DC
  13. Splash, I'm new at this. Could you please post your monitor lua. DC
  14. EXCELLENT! Very Nice, certainly one of the better DCS helicopter videos I have seen. I am just now learning to fly the MI 8 and hope you continue with your training videos. Thanks again, DC
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