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  1. Name: Hormuz Furball - F-15C/F22A - version 1.0 Author: marginal Mission type: Air to Air Controllable: F-15C, F-22A Raptor Quick Summary: Grinnelli’s F-22A mod is required. It’s available for download at: https://fsoutlet.com/f22/ You have a choice of flying the F-15C or Grinnelli’s F-22A on this air-to-air mission. You and your wingman can start hot on the ramp at Al Minhad AFB / Sharjab Intl / Khasab or in the air northeast of Sharjab at 35,000 feet. You can fly intercept missions by selecting: Radio menu > Contact AWACS Darkstar 5-1 > request “bogey dope”. Once Iranian fighter aircraft are detected in the Bandar Abbas area, Command Center will activate and you can select: Radio Menu > Other > Command Center > Assign Task. You will be assigned an intercept mission and get a constantly updated BRA position report as you fly towards the target aircraft. There are also 3 blue SEAD missions planned. Pick a SEAD mission and provide additional escort protection across the Persian Gulf to Iranian SAM sites. Download here Additional images and PDF briefing notes are here
  2. Will download be available again in the future? I started using the DCS LeClerc, its a great tank with fast ammo load times.
  3. If you go to driver view first then isometric the weapon won't swivel either.
  4. I wanted to show CA some love with a new mission. I bought the module a couple months ago. It has potential with a little scripting to be a great part of the DCS module family. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315241/
  5. King of the Hill - Combined Arms - CAS - version 1.2 Can you be "King of the Hill? This is a fairly busy Combined Arms mission on the Caucasus map. Here is a link to the mission file on DCS: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315241/
  6. I believe the next release of DCS Liberation will integrate SKYNET 2.0 with HighDigitSAMs. I've been playing DCS Liberation for awhile and SKYNET does make SEAD much more challenging. https://github.com/walder/Skynet-IADS/blob/master/README.md https://github.com/Auranis/HighDigitSAMs I also want to build a MANTIS system (MOOSE scripting). It looks similar to SKYNET in it's ability to mimic real world IADS. https://flightcontrol-master.github.io/MOOSE_DOCS/Documentation/Functional.Mantis.html
  7. Did you see GRs video with the former tank commander? He talks about using Air Defence vehicles like the Gepard and Tor against light ground vehicles. Some of them are quite effective but long lock times. Its quite a long video, bring your popcorn.
  8. I've built a moose script that works well for Cruise Missiles. The instructions assume you have minimal knowledge of scripting and using the Mission editor. Hope this helps. https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/255306-add-a-cruise-missile-attack-to-a-dcs-campaign-or-mission/?tab=comments#comment-4506274
  9. This script will: ● fire 60 cruise missiles at 30 targets in 20 second intervals using 4 navy groups composed of at least 1 US navy Arliegh Burke or Ticonderoga ships per group. The target(s) can be any static object: a SAM unit, ammo dump, aircraft parking area, ground unit, bridge or runway ● turn the Carrier and LHA into wind and provide 25-30 knots of wind over the deck for easier takeoffs and landings ● allow Navy ships to patrol between the starting and last waypoint forever. The navy group must have a waypoint. If it doesn't, add a waypoint. To make this work you need to edit a lua file by adding the names of your 4 navy groups, insert 2 scripts into the mission using the mission editor and designate 30 targets on the Mission Editor map. The instructions, a demo mission and lua files are included in the zip. Add a cruise missile attack to a DCS campaign or mission
  10. I agree with your comments. This is a great add-on to DCS. I've been trying different tactics when facing the relentless enemy. In ME I've added a cruise missile attack from one of the navy ships to one of the enemy airbases taking out their ammo and fueling facilities and runway. I'm not sure how the game handles runway repair but we will see as the missions progress. I'm also using wingies more effectively with different loadouts for SEAD and CAP to fend off the baddies while blowing up things on the ground. Easy to change out in ME Great fun!
  11. This is what I was looking for since I started with DCS years ago. Thanks khopa for continuing development of this.
  12. I'm easily confused at the best of times but I am attempting to load MOOSE sound files into mission editor. How is it done? https://github.com/FlightControl-Master/MOOSE_SOUND/releases I have the ATIS inserted into this mission but no audio and no errors in the DCS log. ? Wild Weasel a FA18C SEAD trainer Beslan edition version 3.miz ATIS - 100 - Caucasus Mozdok.lua
  13. @Hardcard Thanks for the explaination. I use AI tornados equipped with ALARMs. Should I add those to the list of missles detected by the MOOSE.lua? if SEADWeaponName == "KH-58" or SEADWeaponName == "KH-25MPU" or SEADWeaponName == "AGM-88" or SEADWeaponName == "KH-31A" or SEADWeaponName == "KH-31P" then
  14. SEAD evasion script @Hardcard I was wondering if you could share some insight on how the script works and how to employ HARMs against this script. The script is turning off the radar when it detects a HARM? Does the script detect MAVs and attempt to shot down? I also notice the mobile units like SA-15s and SA-19s will move. Hit accuracy at long ranges with HARMs is about 25% if that. A long range shot will usually lose lock during the loft and fly 10s of miles past the site. I see this as being more realistic than without the script. I'm trying to figure out how figure out use HARMs against longer range SAM sites like the SA-6 SA-10 and SA-11 sites. It seems that closer in is better as it gives the radar no time to turn off before the missile is on top of them. Cheers
  15. Thanks Hardcard, It's working now with the latest Moose.lua Cheers
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