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  1. this should be fixxed but if not commandpromp ipconfig/flushdns
  2. TO FIX 502 ERROR RUN/CMD PROMPT ipconfig/flushdns
  3. by saying it's a laptop it's hard to upgrad the GPU and that 860M and 2GB vram is not going to help you issues, yes going to 16 GB will help but the GPU is going to become the limiting factor. Bitmaster is just telling drag it's a laptop, dont get your panties in to big of a wad. if you can get some cheap ram for it and it can be upgraded check first then do that. if not start saving for a 1060/70 laptop MSI or ASUS.
  4. i just bought a Hybrid SC2 for 799 a month ago
  5. you would be better off with a m.2 drive then raid.
  6. anything with a 1060 6GB+ would do the job well just 16GB ram and think about adding a SSD if it does not come with one installed allready.
  7. you dont have enough ram or Vram with that setup for very good performance.
  8. i dont know what your talking about when you say Nvidia works better Hadwell, i used a R9 390 with free sync 40 to 75HZ and it worked flawless where as people have issues with Gsync, amd's control center is friendlier to use if you ask me also. 1070TI and VEGA 56 are on par with each other in different situations the problem is the price is STUPID because of miners. and the power consumption is off the charts for the vega series. the monitor would work not a fan of the price for the size
  9. the ONLY reason these days to use SLI is if you have more money then common sense and want to be able to say i have SLI, generally it's more trouble then worth and the list of games that support it any more are few and shrinking. while it may doubble FPS it often introduces a micro stutter at least was my expierence
  10. i like the way it looks and wanted to purchase but being in the US i would rather have had a paypal option to pay or something other then using my card. maby in the future.
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