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  1. I removed P3D and all of it's reg items and folders! Along with DCS/OB folders and reg item. Just reinstalled DCS(non Beta) and it runs so far, but it did create a new FSCAI folder with "Saved Games" in it!!!!
  2. nope it will not go there. It creates the FSCAI folder and places the "Saved Games" folder in that folder. Just did a fresh install of DCS(non OB) and it does the same thing???
  3. deleted the FSCAI folder. Uninstalled DCS and DCS OB. Cleaned REG. reinstalled DCS, and it created a new FSCAI/Saved Games????
  4. OK, Thats the way it was in mine until now!
  5. I have had Open Beta installed for a many years. The last (209) Beta update "broke" the Beta. To try to see a fix , I loaded the "stable" DCS. It runs fine. I have noticed however, that the "saved games" folder location for both have changed. They are now in a user folder called , in the "FSCAI". Is this normal?
  6. how can I display the frame rate in game?
  7. oldpop

    frame rate

    whar is the keys to display frame rate?
  8. Is there a way to back to before the last patch??
  9. latest test log. It all seems to come down to when ANY a/c is selected with either "player" or "client" the sim CTD! dcs.log
  10. did a lot () of testing today~uninstalled and cleared all Beta files, fresh in stall on a different drive. ran as ADMIN, did not install any, mods, flew the TF 51 no problem, installed the FA 18 as an AI, no problem. changed to "player" CTD!!! seems to be a problem when "player selected" where can I find a "error log" wit the sim on a extra drive??? autoupdate_log.txt dcs_variant.txt
  11. How do I open a "support " ticket???
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