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  1. 45 Were fitted to USN/USMC Hornets at various points as you said it failed fleet trials, it was still fitted to a number of F-18Cs on the export market. where it was still a pain.
  2. If its modelled accurately...be below the target so the radar on the tomcat is looking up and it shouldn`t be possible to notch it, the system should only apply the notch if it can see ground clutter. As for MWS...they are a lot shorter ranged than people seem to think. Slightly better than 3rd generation MANPAD range for most of them. The simple answer is DCS has always had inferior AI, they had to give them advantages to stop them being wiped out by even beginner humans. Its why the AI can do things like ignore physics, guide SARH missiles without having to point anywhere near you and know instantly where you are at all times. Unfortunately they have been playing with the missile code for the Human missiles and utterly messed it up which is why you will see a lot of missiles heading off into space again which makes it even worse and more noticeable.
  3. Just remember the ASPJ on the hornet FAILED its operational tests, it was only fitted after an F-16 got taken out in Bosnia, and it was the only option available. It was notorious for being unreliable during fleet tests which was finally traced to them designing the system to the wrong G-limits. The Navy didn`t get a system with a tuneable filter to allow interoperation with the Radar until the F-18E/F was introduced. So a jammer that kind of works and does bad things to your radar is accurate for the period hornet we have.
  4. I`m one of the strange ones that prefers being in the pit, but i will say if you know your way around the RIO systems, you will be extremely frustrated with jester when you go play in the front seat.
  5. While a lot of people will give you the its highly classified line..its not. Exact capabilities are but the existance of such systems isn`t. Not really much point in pretending something doesn`t exist when you can just go buy a system from CRFS using commerical technology(RFeye Node) that can do it, the sales pitch specifically tells you it can track IFF/ADS-B and Link 16 transmitters. If you really want to know more..BAE have released limited data on the AN/ASQ-239 on their website, you can also read up on the Leonardo SEER/SAGE systems on their website.
  6. I knew the Germans had originally gone their own way with DASS using their DASA system instead of the Leonardo system but i didn`t realize they had deleted it entirely from some.
  7. Take any comments from the manufacturer about flare resistance with a large grain of salt. The AIM 9X was supposed to be almost immune to flares...until it encountered Russian quality control flares..that didn`t look like the ones the missile had been programmed to ignore. ( F-18E Vs SU-22 June 18 2017) What makes that even more interesting is its a repeat of what happened with earlier generation IR missiles, when we got some Russian flares from Afghanistan it was found due to the variation in flare performance the filters built into the missiles didn`t cover the actual flares in use.
  8. Interesting that 3rd picture doesn`t have a rear MAW antenna. I`ve seen Luftwaffe jets with a reduced antenna cover but not seen one completely removed like that.
  9. If they follow the real life process, expect A2A first, then a VERY basic A2G package of LIII and paveway. Typhoon didn`t really start having significant A2G capability until the end of 2018, probably wouldn`t have even then if the British hadn`t wanted to retire the Tornado and needed Typhoon to have brimstone and storm shadow capability to avoid the capability gap.
  10. You are at least 20 years out of touch with IR AAM development. An AIM 9B had a FOV of 3 degrees give or take, 2nd Generation like AIM 9L had a 45 degree FOV, modern missiles with their gimbled detector arrays can go all the way upto 180 degrees.
  11. After visiting BAE Warton and seeing one of the development aircraft it looks like they are going down the DCS DLC route for real. A nation will pay the typhoon consortium for new weapons...like Brimstone and they get a keyfile they load into the aircraft that unlocks the weapons. After years of DCS mimicing the real world..the real world is returning the favor :megalol:
  12. Tranche 1 could and still can carry paveway. T2 can carry storm shadow, meteor and brimstone..the only big advantage i can see for the T3 at the moment is conformal fuel tank mounts ....if the tanks themselves ever actually get built.
  13. Its not just financial costs, they found when they used the airbrake the airflow between twin stabs required them to be significantly stronger and thus heavier at a time when the program was desperate to reduce the weight of the project.
  14. I`ll dig around in the attic and see if i still have the brochure on the captor from a tour of Selex Edinburgh i did a few years ago. They listed Captor as being Aspide compatible with the optional CW illuminator module.
  15. It seems to be random, i was flying at 22k about 95% looked back over my shoulder at my wingman and noticed i was leaving a thick black trail behind me..didn`t touch the throttle and it cut out a few seconds later.
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