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  1. Dedicated and SLMOD I'm trying to run multiple instances of the server using the dedicated server software in a VM on esxi. Can anyone confirm that SLMOD crashes the server? Otherwise I have a different problem.
  2. Manual ban of clients Hello Grimes! Is it possible to manually add the UCID to the banned BannedClients.lua? I tried putting the UCID between : lmod_banned_ucids = { "9addd17cc4bdd0cde2c0865b836e365" } -- end of slmod_banned_ucids Not much of a programmer myself sorry! Is that the way or not?
  3. same issues on my server I have the same issues on my combatflight.nl server. Problems start 5 min in to the mission Units appear frozen. Cpu usage Idle on host is around 80% after 5 min the cpu usage goes down en units become unresponsive. When clients disconnect the cpu usage goes back to 80 % Server is running ESXi 6.5 with win 10 pro 4 cpu cores, 16 GB ram and 250 GB ssd space. No issues on de 2.1 side of the server https://gyazo.com/e92cb66a8ec0f6c8f1d20adf03df6625
  4. nice work! This stuff gets better and better! Thanks guys!
  5. Hello, Ok thanks. I'm spawning a train using late activation and then using a trigger with the radio item add to spawn the train.I used the train from the train group in the mission editor. Third Reich as country. But that doen't matter(the country). As soon as i use the F10 radio option to spwan the train a Leopard tank is spwaned. I use mist to respawn the train when it is destoyed. so i can spawn it again. Thank you for taking the time! I.WW-2-MISSIE.miz
  6. Just a quick question:" Is it possible to have a train spawn in a ww2 scenario and ride along a traintrack? When I try this using the radio add option a leopard tank is spwaned. Or this not possible yet?
  7. I'll give it a try.......been looking at your framework for some time now
  8. Hello, strange problem as of today on my game pc and on my server. The re-arming menu won't open on any of the mission created in Normandy. Is anyone having the same problem? None of the aircraft in the mission can re-arm of refuel. It doesn't matter if easy comm. is active or not. Example mission atttached I.DCS Normandy MIX.miz
  9. operation overlord I created a simple mission called overlord RED task: Shoot down all B17's before they can bomb the bunkers on the coast BLUE task: Guide the B17 to normandy. Destroy as many enemy ground targets as possibble. You can summon enemy AI aircraft by using the F10 option in the radio menu I had a lot of fun playing this mission with my dad! I think he is the oldest active dcs pilot.....92 years old. Kind regards, Emiel E.OPERATION OVERLORD.miz
  10. Perfect.......can't wait to use the flak against B17's in the mission i created!
  11. Hello I Created a mission called operation overlord and was looking for the anti aircraft units in the asset pack. I can't seem to find them? Are they not implemented yet or where can i find them? Kind regards, Emiel A.OPERATION OVERLORD-v1.1.miz
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