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  1. + HSI Map on DDI’s. Actually displayed only on MPCD
  2. This ^^^ Amazing how things changed from « this level of simulation would be later coming to the Hornet » to « actually Not planned »
  3. I’ve supported Ed for a long time (since 2011) but over time, I saw that their policy has changed as well as the quality of their modules which needs to be reviewed. Well i guess no more Ed’s Early access for me! With all respect
  4. @BIGNEWY Here is the track. RADAR OPR.trk I've already tried without success
  5. Hi, 1 - The Radar Operating Status in the AZ/EL doesn't match the one in the RDR ATTK. 2 - Turning the RADAR knob (SENSOR PANEL) to STBY seems to turn the Operating Status to STBY only in the RDR ATTK PAGE. 3- Pushing SIL in the RDR ATTK PAGE the Operating Status remains OPR Thanks
  6. Hi, SEQ1 works as expected from 0-14, but when I select SEQ2 or 3 waypoints don't show up on the HSI. And I can no longer go to the previous waypoint. SEQ2SEQ3.trk
  7. I experienced again this problem today. And it’s definitely caused by selecting jdams
  8. If you have an Oculus headset, you don't need steamVr. All you need is to make sure that the oculus app is on your computer that’s all (it starts automatically with dcs)
  9. Thank you for admitting me to your squadron.  What kind of planes do you fly? When you play your missions?

    Fighter Mike

    1. med-taha


      Welcome Mike! Currently we have slots available in VFA-103 JOLLY ROGERS  to fly the F/A-18C HORNET LOT 20 . 

    2. med-taha


      The operations are currently paused (Summer). we gonna resume Ops in mid September.


    3. Mike Force Team

      Mike Force Team


      Thank you for the response.  I have the F/A-18 lot 20.  I understand that you will resume the flying operations in mid-September.  Please send me an update when you resume flying.  

      Fighter Mike

  10. Got the same issue yesterday while flying a 3hrs cas mission. Loaded (1 gbu-12 , 2 gbu-38, ATFlir and a double ugly configuration)
  11. Same here . « UFC Bu missing after the 2.7 update » ... it's sad to see some systems being dropped without any word from Ed...
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