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  1. The "speckle' and lock on/Stop program in the radar looks great.
  2. The DCS calculation and mechanization of the pull up cue is in error and way to pessimistic. This has been reported. I suggest this is the main issue that you are seeing.
  3. Just a comment. The end of transfer lights on the fuel panel are very very dim in daylight even with the rotary dialed up to maximum brightness.
  4. IvanK

    G limit Override

    Ok thanks for the input now sorted.
  5. IvanK

    G limit Override

    The docs say that the AP ON/OFF switch can be used to override the elastic stop. Does this actually work ... it doesn't for me.
  6. IvanK

    Radar functions

    Yes Basic AG mapping exists in the cyrano IV Reasonable CYRANO IV Radar manual in English here: https://dlscrib.com/cyrano-iv-airborne-fire-control-radar-utilization-manual-thomson-csf_58b1f5516454a7ab10b1e966_pdf.html
  7. JHMCS is for pussies You can drop bombs in NAV master mode Dive Toss is everything (as it was in STAR WARS) The R77 is overmodelled The SU57 FM is porked The SA3 is eye watering Seriously great fun to watch Yoda's force is strong in this one Keep the thread moving
  8. In the last century not all items had to be GO. Any FCS BIT that didn't pass was however a NO GO item. Usual procedure for a DEGD was to re initiate the Bit for that item.
  9. Neat video. Supersonic climb schedule Google Rutowski climb profile Max range in Hornet occurs at 4.2alpha (Endurance at 5.6alpha). For the Min fuel descent work on 5 deg flight path angle. So when destination runway is at -5 on the HUD select Idle and put the vv at -5. You will find AOA will be close to to 4-5 alpha all the way, IAS will end up at around 250Kias.
  10. Toss bombing (LOFT) is slightly flawed even with Dumb bombs at present in DCS FA18 For Low drag weapons the AUTO release cue should appear on the ASL when a release is possible before the aircraft gets to 45 deg nose up with a 4G pull achieved in 0.5second...... this is therefore an TOSS in range solution. In the case of a high drag weapon the release cue appears 5 sec before the computed release point. In DCS the release cue logic used is this 5 Sec logic regardless of the weapon drag configuration. Here in lies the problem. In DCS the release cue only appears 5 seconds prior to the 1G release solution.... so you wont get any true LOFT release cueing for Low drag weapons. IRL you can TOSS a MK80 series bomb about 5nm from 600Kts at ground level. A workaround is to not start the Pull up until around 5.5nm This has been reported.
  11. It was fixed in the last OB
  12. Ok will do. Though I think its weather related. I re jigged this same mission but made it CASE III type weather and all worked ok. Seems to me there is some internal coding that if Weather is better than CASE II and is day you just wont get ACLS available.
  13. In the case of Non Super carrier install you wil only get ACLS if the WX is bad enough to get Case 3 (or night). Anything else and at the ACLS pick up point around 5.4nm(where Tadpole appears) the ACL 1 annunciation goes away and the DL goes int T/C mode..... though T/C mode is redundant in the non Super carrier install. I presume the same applies with Super carrier install ... that is you need the WX to be CASE III (or night) to be able to get ACLS symbolgy
  14. Trying ACLS on the Stennis , set the mission up as per the ME instructions for ACLS mission building. boxing ACLS goes through the test and I get ACL 1 on the link 4 display. Then on final all I get T/C mode (Didnt think I was meant to see this in the non Supercarrier version). Flew final on the ICLS and never ever got to see the Tadpole. So to my eye ACLS is not working. Mission file attached. Note DL Freq is 306 F18__20cu_CV_testACLS.miz
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