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  1. What/Where is this HUD mod ?
  2. That is a really impressive increase. Am I interpreting this correctly that "+26.3% dV(vac) increment." means 26.3% increase in nozzle velocity in a vacuum ?
  3. Ok Rojax now I see what you are saying. Would be interesting to see the difference the move to the Isolane propellant would make to the "F" version.
  4. Err what are you saying here ? To me you are saying R530K DOESENT use Plastargol and imply therfore it uses isolane ???? Anyway if your argument is that the R530F is a better missile (due propellant type) than say the R530K ... what are your sources ? A casual internet search shows Plastargol as the standard propellant used in the R530 and Isolane in the Super R530 series I put it to you that in terms of kinematic performance there is no difference between the the R530K and the R530F if you have references that say otherwise It would be great to see them. As others have pointed out I think there is confusion here between the R530K which is effectively the same as the R530F with the later generation missile the Super R530F
  5. Well The Mirage III was pretty much the same the pilots term was abbreviated to "hectos" and yes all the manuals refer to it this way
  6. The system uses Nautical miles for ranges 2nm or greater. Inside 2NM displayed ranges on the Range drum on the sight uses Hectometres. Range display on the Radar unit itself is always in nautical miles.
  7. How its meant to work. In AA modes the numbers are range. The units used change depending on range. Outside of 2nautical miles the range is in Nautical miles. Inside 2nm the numbers displayed are Hectometers. so 04 would mean 4Hectometres or around 1200feet. The range side of things doesn't appear to be coded as yet. In NAV the numbers represent heading.
  8. The quoted (RAAF source Mirage IIIO weapons Manual) Average gain in speed Mach 0.9 over launch. It was a Clunker of a missile.
  9. Inboard buttons for R550/SW, next set of buttons for R530
  10. This button should have a number of functions. One is as you say to switch sight sensitivity back and forth from 600 to 300m. Only of any use when firing without a radar lock. It also can be used together with the R550 (not yet coded) to Break an R550 lock and set the R550 into boresight mode and or return the R550 back to its default Scan and auto lock mode.
  11. Is this planned ? if so who does the setup Aerges or Eagle dynamics ?
  12. Is this discussion on mirage F1 Adverse yaw based on nose position looking outside or just the ball being displaced ?
  13. I was referring to the Mirage F1 weapons manual that states 400m-6nm. The Aerges manual is in error and it would appear that the coding is set to 7Km. it should be 6nm.
  14. The F1 manual states that TL mode scans from 400m to 6nm and locks on to the first target detected..... its basically a Boresight mode like other aircraft.
  15. You need it to get cooling etc going in the missile, plus in the R550 get its internals running.
  16. "Also remember that TL mode is limited to ~7km, so you'll have to be pretty close to get a lock. " It should be limited to 6 NM
  17. The way it works in the Sim imo The Button (V) activates Combat Flaps The Lever (Lctl V) deactivates the combat flaps. The Real Aircraft Manual basically states: The Button allows the lever to be selected to activate combat Flap (i.e. the button effectively unlocks the lever) Then activate combat flaps with the lever. To Deselect Combat flaps the lever is selected off. So imo what we see in the Sim is at variance with the real world. (Though functional in the sim).
  18. Same seems 3.8nm lock in TEL versus IL76. Couldnt lock in BPZ
  19. The fore/Aft switch is associated with the R530 missile in a jamming environment. It is used to tell the missile the engagement aspect i.e, Fore = Forward sector, AFT = stern sector. This then determines the warhead Detonation delay after the prox fuse detects the target. Since firing against a Jammer neither range or range rate are known by the system. It also varies the navigation computation. In a normal (non jammer) R530 launch this detonation delay is set dynamically immediately prior to launch as the system knows both range and range rate.
  20. With a Radar lock its a standard LCOS Gyro gunsght with radar range input. Range shown by the drum at the top of the glass. With Auto/Man switch in Man radar range and gunsight derived turning rates are used to compute the solution and position the pipper. A 2 second tracking time is desired to ensure a valid solution. With out a radar lock the sight is a standard LCOS Gyro sight with 600m or 300m range input depending on the pilot pushing the 600m/300m switch. Again 2 sec tracking time desired for a valid solution. With Auto/Man switch in AUTO then Radar range, radar determined Line of sight rates and own aircraft determined turn rates are used to determine the solution, in addition if the trigger is held depressed the gun will fire automatically when specific criteria are met.... Pipper and TD square within 15mills . No specific tracking time required
  21. Auto/Manual firing switch has two uses. in the R530 with the switch in Auto the R530 will automatically fire at a range known as "Topt" basically heart of the envelope (though specific criteria defines Topt ... basically calculated Missile flight time as a function of closure. In AA guns with a radar lock and Auto selected and the trigger depressed the guns will fire automatically if specific criteria are met.
  22. How I believe the real aircraft works... according to the docs available.
  23. Agree it shouldn't imo be doing that ... perhaps this AG side of things hasn't been implemented yet.
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