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  1. Nicht Bundeswehr, aber doch interessant (allerdings auf Englisch) "Frau Bauernschmidt und der Supercarrier" https://edition.cnn.com/2022/05/16/asia/us-navy-woman-aircraft-carrier-commander-intl-hnk-ml/index.html
  2. Read this ! https://edition.cnn.com/2022/05/16/asia/us-navy-woman-aircraft-carrier-commander-intl-hnk-ml/index.html
  3. One question: After making an automated landing, I see "TILT" on the HUD. What does it mean and how to get rid of it ? btw. why getting a C when landed Hands Off ?
  4. OK, thanks for the answer. I will make changes and upload again. Sorry, but I`m no familiar in using the MultiPlayer in any way. So I can`t be of any help. Sure there are a lot of players who have an answer to this.
  5. Perhaps it will help someone not to forget what to do when doing a Hands Off Landing. ACLS (2).pdf
  6. I just created a new mission with the GW carrier. After landing I noticed that the deck crew did not move at all. Normally they just stand there and move a bit. Any idea what is going on ? When I requested launch, everything worked as expected, but what happend to the crew which is not involved in launch ?
  7. Versuch mal der Last einen WP zu geben. Da wo sie abgesetzt werden soll. Beim Truppentransport muss man auch den "Disembark" festlegen, sonst steigt da keiner aus.
  8. Hey, to edit the lua. file worked fine. I changed the number to 2,00 and the pilot walk from 0 to WP 1. Great ! Now I can finish my mission the way I wanted it. YOU MADE MY DAY Last question: do higher numbers have any different results ?
  9. Thank you. First I will try to edit the lua. file. After that your version. I´ll let you know.
  10. Thank you. I wil try, but maybe come back to you later.
  11. There have been some nice mods avaible which I used in some of my missions. I don`t know who created them, but since one of the last updates they don`t move anymore. You still can place them in the missions, but the "fun" is gone. There is even a pilot and so called Nato-Infantry. I wonder why it often is the case that mods stop working after updates. Does anybody know how to fix these mods so they will "work" as expected ? btw. The original ED Infantry works.
  12. Ich habe zwar den X55, aber eigentlich sollte da kein Unterschied sein. Benutze den Microsoft-Treiber und habe null Probleme. Allerdings nutze ich auch kein Saitek-Programm. Screenshot :
  13. OK, than I must search for the mistake I made.
  14. Hi, can anybody tell me if the troop transport option is broken again ? Troops don`t embark as they should do.
  15. Peinlich. peinlich ! Kommt nicht wieder vor.
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