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  1. Nice to learn more about the Persian Cats, thanks for sharing! :)
  2. Damn it's looking really good! How long until we see the F-14B cockpit model? Cause as I see it is currently using the F-14A internal model (as a placeholder I know) with F-14B external model. Also, can't wait to see it using the VF-103 livery. :)
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to update my DCS OB to the version but for some reason a file called "c101_protection" is not letting the autoupdater do this. I tried to repair 3 times already, but no success. I even tried to delete the C-101 via module manager, but then again the "c101_protection" file "can't be deleted". Also tried to delete DCS and then reinstall but I had the same problem. :( Autoupdater and DCS logs are attached. Thanks! autoupdate_log.txt dcs.zip
  4. Thanks for the update! :) I'm very happy to hear the FM is almost complete.
  5. That's a good question! :) In 92 Tomcats were clear to employ unguided bombs (such as Mk-82), not sure about LGBs.
  6. Oh man this is so freaking awesome! Can't wait for it! :) BTW, I feel the need...
  7. Wish you all luck, Nicholas & team! :) But, will this "transition" somehow affect the F-14 development?
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