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  1. Also hope this will get resolved soon. I would love this mod.
  2. Hi, Just a little followup of my issue. I have reinstalled my computer yesterday, and now it works, at least the app recon my Huey. Unsure this is because of that, or maybe there has been an update, but at least now my huey is recon. This evening I'll try voice commands to check if this works... Edit: so the issue is still there... Ok vaicom recon my huey, but the voice recon does not work, I mean, if I try to use cargo option or server option, seems it stucks my commands and after that I have difficulties even calling the menu with the key... and indeed if I hit the transmit key a lot the command is released and work, but that is not very convenient And indeed the issue is with the Huey... the F16 works just fine... EDIT : any idea when vaicom pro will be updated to fix the huey issue?
  3. I tried several modules, and none is displayed in PTT info window...
  4. Yes, I do fly only the Huey. I have a lot of planes but I just fly the Huey. I tried downgrading do 2.5.24 and it changed nothing. I just have to replace the .dll by the old one from 2.5.24 right? Also I tried to switch game language from french to english, but changed nothing as well. Though even if it does not seem to work (it does not recon my helicopter) seems the plugin works because it detected an allied plane which went airborne, I saw this message in voice attack... This is the debug of my installation : 10:13:54.075 Plugin 'VAICOM PRO 2.5' initialized. 10:13:54.068 Ready for commands. 10:13:54.068 Startup finished. 10:13:54.053 Listening suspended 10:13:53.973 Chatter initialized. 10:13:53.973 Resources added. 10:13:53.971 Adding chatter resources.. Default 10:13:53.971 Chatter theme set to Default 10:13:53.970 Adding themepack collections 10:13:53.965 No new DCS modules to import. 10:13:53.964 Success. 10:13:53.964 Building master labels table... 10:13:53.964 Success. 10:13:53.958 Building kneeboard tables... 10:13:53.956 Success. 10:13:53.954 Building master keywords table... 10:13:53.954 Adding 0 imported menu commands. 10:13:53.939 Adding 0 imported ATC aliases. 10:13:53.926 Done. 10:13:53.926 Updating aliases.. 10:13:53.925 Success. 10:13:53.924 Loading F10 menu items... 10:13:53.924 Success. 10:13:53.916 Writing updates. 10:13:53.847 Loading keywords database... 10:13:53.823 Checking VA profile. 10:13:53.812 DCS World version STEAM not found. 10:13:53.808 6/7 DCS-side files were updated. 10:13:53.807 Reset: gameMessages.lua 10:13:53.807 Reset: TabSheetBar.lua 10:13:53.807 Reset: common.lua 10:13:53.806 Reset: speech.lua 10:13:53.805 Reset: RadioCommandDialogsPanel.lua 10:13:53.805 Reset: VAICOMPRO.export.lua 10:13:53.804 Unchanged: Export.lua 10:13:53.804 Saved Games folder = C:\Users\harf4ng\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta 10:13:53.802 Install path = S:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta 10:13:53.802 Using Registry entry for 2.5 OpenBeta 10:13:53.802 DCS World installation found: version 2.5 OpenBeta 10:13:53.802 DCS World version 2.5 not found. 10:13:53.790 Executing automatic lua code installation. 10:13:53.558 License: PRO 10:13:53.558 Plugin version (release) 10:13:51.498 New update available! 10:13:51.029 Initializing.. 10:13:51.029 Press LCtrl+LAlt+C for config. 10:13:51.029 VAICOM PRO for DCS World. License: PRO 10:13:50.800 Plugin support enabled. And thanks for the help It worked before unsure what changed. Could it be because of Windows 11? Is vaicom pro not compatible with Windows 11?
  5. Easy comm has always been ON. btw, I know we should start voice attack with admin rights, but should we start DCS with admin rights too? And so with a new computer startup, I started VA, I then started DCS, and the Huey is not recon. I think VA recon DCS because when I had a message from AI plane, I saw an information in the VA window. But I think I should have a setup issue, as the F14 is not recon as well. I think I'll come back to the handbook and read it again to be sure I didn't miss something... Thanks for the help
  6. Ok I'll drop vaicom pro for now then, as I'm only flying the Huey, and only in multiplayer, so I cannot downgrade. Thanks for the info then... What do you mean by spamming the TX? Doing our voice command as it should be, then push the tx joystick button several times without saying new orders? Hope there will be an update to vaicom pro to have it work. I doubt ED will make an update to have vaicom pro work ^^ Guess this is also why I do not see the huey in the PTT window ? Just "------". Thanks
  7. UH-1H, and yes, I press it, say my word, then release the key. Though it worked well before, dunno why it stopped working. Voiceattack recon my word, display it in its window, but then the module does nothing. If I create a manual command in voice attack, to hit the menu key when I say "menu" for instance, it works and displays the comm menu. Seems there is a plugin issue? Maybe something wrecks my installation and I should delete vaicom pro, voice attack, and install it again? Unsure though how to uninstall all this and be sure no file or settings are still there...
  8. Unsure what happens then... I'm unable to have it work. To display the menu, this is the "Options" keyword right? I say the keyword, it displays in voiceattack that it reconned "options", then "TX1 SEL/AUTO Show Options", but nothing appears in game... Any idea? Thanks
  9. Hi, Is vaicom pro supposed to work well with windows 11? Yesterday I was unable to have the communication menu to appear with the command "menu". I checked in voiceattack and it recon my "menu" speaking, but nothing appears. Though last week it worked I think and I was with Windows 11 too. And I was unable to use the keybind for menu as well... so maybe a bug of some kind, unsure. If we use vaicom pro for the F10 menu, can we still use the keybind to popup the menu if we need to? Or does vaicom pro replaces that, and the keybind becomes unusable? Notice I didn't ask vaicom pro to hide the menu. Thanks
  10. Unfortunately no, the commands are not always the same. They could be the same but I'm not sure they are always at the same place in the menus... Though maybe some are, I have to check that for the most used ones, like embark or disembark troops...
  11. In fact I think I really use 1% of the possibility of vaicom, and even 1% is maybe too much ^^ And I bought the full version of vaicom with all the included optional modules I do not use ^^ I fly nearly only with a team, and we barely have to speak to AI at all... so for now I used vaicom only for radio menu, mostly to ask for repair / armement. btw if you want to refuel at a farp you have to ask for weapons instead in vaicom right? The ask for refuel stuff I think is to ask for an air air refueling? Maybe I'll change that, no need for air refueling in the huey, and I would like to be able to call for weapons OR fuel for that. Unfortunately with my team we use a lot of customized F10 menu so impossible to well integrate that into vaicom so I still use the menu... just that I use it through vaicom with "menu" then "choice 10", and so on...
  12. Thanks I'll have a look at this. So in fact vaicom pro is unable to select a given frequency? I mean, not the frequency of a given town/tower, but a manual frequency we need?
  13. Hi, I have vaicom pro, and I fly the Huey. In the Huey, is it possible with vaicom pro to select AM/FM radio frequencies? I have tried the commands I see in the settings for select, but seems it does nothing. Thanks
  14. Hi, Is there a way to change the icon of an external app? For instance as an external app I have put a msdos script file, and I would like it to have an icon other than the msdos script icon. I have tried creating a .lnk but seems then the utility does not take the .lnk as file to launch but the software behind the .lnk. And my issue is that I need to launch an app with args. Not the plain software. Thanks
  15. Hi, In the Huey on the pedestal there is a switch to activate or not the flare system. This switch is not even bound to a keyboard in dcs. Though you can bind it to a keyboard or joystick button and so every time you press it, the state changes between safe and armed. Though I would like to use a two position switch instead to use this in helicopter switch and I'm not sure it is possible. In the default.lua file of the huey, this switch is defined like this: down = device_commands.Button_13, cockpit_device_id = devices.XM_130, value_down = 0.0, name = _('SAFE/ARMED Switcher'), category = _('Pedestal')}, So is it possible or not to use a two position switch of my warthog throttle to do the same thing but with a better way than the default behaviour? Thanks
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