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  1. as a straight white male i feel discriminated against oppressed and underrepresented.
  2. straight white males are under represented tbh
  3. Hello all fellow South-Africans. Here is the discord where most of us locals have gathered all welcome. https://discord.gg/uurjMKf
  4. my 2.2 and 105 are installed on the same drive and done correctly they have copied over over updates from one to the other in the past why the h did it not now please give us a list of stufff we haveto copy over from 2.2 too save us im downloading 13 gb at really slow speed i have nevada normandy and f5 bfm campaighn
  5. DEVS please help what should we do run a repair and see if it copies over nevada and normandy or what? copy it over ourselfs?
  6. what do you mean what happend when it finished is mine gonna work and be on 2.5 correctly my download is very slow
  7. I have stable in Open beta version and 2.2 with nevada and normandy and when 1.5 said do you want to update to 2.5 i clicked yes and started torrenting 13 gb i find it strange why didnt start copying the 2.2 assets first and why is my download only 13246mb\13gb compared too everyone elses 15-16
  8. I only tested it with the harrier but im pretty sure this is a issue with all aircraft In 2.2 anytime the moon comes out at night time the lighting becomes Sepia colored and messes with taxi lights color clouds/ vapor trails/ sprites and the biggest problem is with FLIR systems here is some screenshots of what it looks like when the moon comes out. everything that is white light becomes brown please fix.
  9. I dont Care if the mirage didn't have it. the Uh-1 has NVG's did it have it ? no! the p51 has NVG's so why the hell can't every single plane just get it.
  10. No NVG's Have been implemented for the M2000 and im sick of using mods please add NVG's to your module
  11. The oxygen shows 0% on the gauge after update and you pass out at high altidute How do u fix things and break something .
  12. i think all should have the same g tolerance and mustang have better sustained tolerance with g suit. and if you disagree you obviously dont know what you are talking about because some fighter pilots black out at 6 g and some wont even black out at sustained 10g
  13. Fix the Mirage so i can use buttons for throttle I Spent alot of money on this plane and i dont own a throttle yet and the throttle up/down (+/-) on the numpad does nothing please fix it
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