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  1. Hey Guys, Its been a long time. Anyways im back and heres something for you. Ever since I saw the first trailer I wondered if I could recreate this trailer in a more realistic way (if the Tomcat was still in service) so I asked my buddy Jeff to help me fly and record what you are about to watch. This was incredibly fun and also incredibly hard to do. Between matching sounds, to creating new ones and also recreating a well flowed trailer is a lot of work, especially considering its only 1:30 long. I hope you all enjoy and a big thanks again to Jeff for helping.
  2. since the release of the JF-17 they have added a special option which allows you to pick which Keyboard Pitch Control the end user would like to use. Some of us dont have sticks to use for this game and can fly pretty well with just the keyboard. however, your aircraft have autocenter always on. Is it possible for you to add an option to have auto center off like they did in the JF-17 and all aircraft made by Eagle Dynamics, Belsimtec, Heatblur, Leatherneck, etc... This would allow us keyboard users the ability to fly your aircraft without doing maximum stick deflections all the time. the options that are given on the JF-17 are Auto-Center (which you have always on on your aircaft), Accumulative and blended.
  3. Hi I still have no cyclic bank controls for the Gazelle. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the module. I have also tried rebinding the keys to different keys with no success. This is based on the keyboard issue. Any updates on this original post about the gazelle?
  4. Blindsiding a Destroyer with RB-15's on The 104th Server 15 Minutes of Pure DCS AJS-37 Viggen Sights and Sounds =]
  5. Mirage On The Horizon Multi-Role Video Teaser F-15C With Talons Out 2 104th Phoenix Server PvP
  6. Video Now Embedded, sorry about that
  7. how did you get this embedded into the post?
  8. Part 2 of the last F-15 video I posted almost a year ago. Between me getting a new job and the 104th Server being down it was hard getting footage but here you guys go, Enjoy.
  9. I made this a while ago but I think I forgot to post it to youtube so I did so. Here is the link to the video. Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYEeiW_NtwI&index=1&list=PLLMt3B0OSAafpwI_-5Sc3M3r1tVuKXhWY
  10. Thank you and yes this video has zero in game sounds. Its all been edited and synced to fit what I needed to make the video believable.
  11. Short video I made replicating Mirage Mach Loop Training. Hope you enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21GCQtSjdz8&index=1&list=PLLMt3B0OSAafpwI_-5Sc3M3r1tVuKXhWY
  12. Thank you Toxic and Zaelu its much harder than you think
  13. So i broke down and told myself, like every other aircraft I fly I will learn how to fly this heli with the keyboard. Well that challenge has been accepted and for the most part completed. check the video https://youtu.be/omLggINM7VY?list=PLLMt3B0OSAafpwI_-5Sc3M3r1tVuKXhWY
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