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  1. Hello simmers, I tried UH-60 and it is superb! I do have one question... For the takeoff, the input from Pedals, is not needed at all, I guess this is not normal usage in Helicopters right? compared to Mi-24, Gazelle, and others.
  2. I swapped the GPU for RTX 3060, and actually the smooth 60FPS , does help a lot! With the GTX 1060 6GB, I got around 40-50 FPS... DCS is becoming more and more hungry after every update! In any case, I do find the Hind to be: " A beast" using the "Fly-by" camera while it is hovering
  3. Hello Hind drivers, after lots of practice, and tweak's in the AXIS menu, I am still having an extremely hard time flying the Hind. It is extremely unstable in the hover, and almost impossible to fly in any kind of attitude. I'm slowly getting depressed with the Hind... Your opinions/suggestions. Regards
  4. Hey guys, after trying F-16, F-18, and now F-14 Well, what can I say.... F-14 is amazing!!! I am actually sad that I didn't buy F-14 instead of M2000, or Gazelle! For Mig-21 & Viggen ,I will never be sorry since they are amazing modules. With regards, Jan
  5. Hello, I started up the Gazelle after a few months, and I am having some severe problems with flying. The chopper is extremely unstable at hovering and or slow speeds. I do have Saitek x45 joystick which has this strange rudder on the throttle, but i just cannot hold it steadily on one spot on the ground. Any thoughts? Thank you, BR
  6. Hello, could someone please explain to me what does this "feature" actually do? Rgrds
  7. Hi, yes I only play single player... Especially the problem is with VIggen, once I turn on the Radar, the drop is significant. Temperatures are fine, CPU & GPU around 55C. I did Passmark benchmark test, and It is fine.
  8. Hello, I never had any problems on my PC, I know it is not state of the art, but I think it is still decent enough. Im having some pretty good framedrops, and lags recently for the past month now! PC specs: i7 6700, gtx 1070, 16 gigs of ddr4. Best regards, Jan
  9. Hello guys, after a few months , I took viggen to the skies yesterday. 1st thing I noted on takeoff, is the Ram air turbine being deployes, is this something new? 2nd.... A/G radar seems useless, it used to work pretty well, showing up tanks and ground targets, now everything is blurry. Is someone facing the same issue? Best regards, Jan
  10. Hello Sir, I guess integrity check is only for multiplayer, which I do not use :) BR J
  11. Could you please help me how to do that? Regards
  12. Hello guys, is it possible to put na object (Viggen) , on a road in ME? So that I start a missed from like a....road? Or only airport. BR Jan
  13. this looks amazing! keep up the good work Sir!
  14. Hey there experts, so actually the Igla or Strela launcher , is not a MANPAD, it is actually an launcher, such as MISTRAL launched from ground vehlice?
  15. Sadly I do not own A10A , but In the mission editor, I could not load GBU to A10A.... so I think no lasing for the A10A :( Regards
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