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  1. If you're going the K series, like me, do yourself a favor, and get a good aftermarket cooler. I have a hyper 212 and i can do 4.5ghz primed under 60C. And remember, prime 95 taxes your cpu more than any game ever will. With stock heat sink fan, it was getting into the 90s(NOT GOOD). A 212 only cost me $25 after a $5 rebate. Great deal. Check out neweggs reviews. Oh, I recommend the 2500K. Games don't use much HT and if you're going to overclock, you'll pass the 2600k stock speed anyway.
  2. Basically, I am really exploring the depth of DCS A 10, and as much as fun as it is to fly single player, there is something so cool looking over at another plane near you and knowing someone is actually flying that plane. So, I would like to join and ACTIVE squadron. Since this is a high fidelity sim, I would prefer a serious-based squad. By serious, I don't mean we don't have fun, but if I wanted to fly around like a headless chicken with no structure, I'd play Ace Combat online. I really got alot out of ARMA to by joining a realism unit that put the sim nature of that game to work and would like to do the same here. A bonus would be if you also formed an IL2/CoD squad since that game is built for multiplayer. Anyway, PM or reply if you think I would fit well into your squad. BTW, I have headphones/microphone and have used both Teamspeak and Ventrillo before.
  3. I was tempted to upgrade to an I5 current gen now. But with Sandy bridge right around the corner, it kept me guessing long enough for this type of news to appear. The new sandy bridge will be at about the same price as current 1156 sockets and have better performance. Wait a month then scoop them up. http://www.cpu-world.com/news_2010/2010120201_Prices_and_launch_dates_of_desktop_Sandy_Bridge_CPUs.html
  4. In real life, given the lack of the hog's radar, are they pretty dependent on knowing where the enemy is in advance to be effective? I ask because I just played a mission where you has to search and area for the enemy, and without them starting to shoot rockets, I prolly never would have known they were there. The TGP(forget the mav) is not that good at a wide search of an area UNLESS you have a waypoint already set up to know the specific area to search. I put this here instead of the beta forum since it has more to do with the a10 in general. Mind you, this is not a complaint but rather a genuine question as to how the a10's, in real life, get targets.
  5. While a nice Apache study sim would be nice, it has been done and is being done quite a bit. BUT, that's not why I personally would object. Black Shark-> Ground Attack A-10-> Moving Ground Attack Let's get some fresh game play choices. Part of the fun of Lock On was you could go out and do a ground attack mission, then get your air to air fix. Personally, considering the studio producing these, it would not surprise me at all to see the next one be the Su-27(maybe even the 33 if they wanted to get some extra mileage out of the carrier ops). They have already shown a personal interest in the plane and I would imagine would be able to model it quite accurately. Personally, I prefer the American style of avionics over the Russian but that's just me. As for what I believe(total guess...maybe a little educated lol) will be the next module....F-16...Why?...MULTI-ROLE and not really 'classified' to an extent to prevent an accurate model. The F-16 would satisfy both those wanting air to air and air to ground. Plus I love SEAD missions with the HARM. If not the Falcon, then probably the Flanker or Apache, just because those I believe have marketing power.
  6. I remember really enjoying all the options you could play in LOMAC. The campaigns, while not as good as DCS, still made you feel you were in a war. Anyway, the reason I stopped playing LOMAC was because the saved games were SO buggy. Half the time, when you saved in the middle of a mission, when you loaded it back up, it put you back at the beginning, which really really sucked because some missions took a long time to complete and maybe you wanted to save right before the action started to practice evasive manuevers or whatever....the point is, saved games were horribly buggy...So, has this issue been fixed in FC 2.0?
  7. Say you fly this mammoth mission in a campaign, and you beat it but you do something stupid at the very end that causes a failure. Now, most people don't want to replay a 2 hour mission simply because they shot one wrong ak soldier or something small like that. Where can you find out you user's campaign status and edit it to allow you to advance?
  8. OK, as I do with all my new topics, I would like to start by thanking the devs for making such an awesome sim and putting in so much detail time. Now, I have been playing sims since I first tried IAF(remember that Jane's series of light sims). I have played everything from Falcon 4.0 to Lock On to Il-2 to EECH. My question is is there anything else that came close to the fidelity of DCS? I don't mean the clickable cockpit because as cool and immersive as that is, a keyboard button is would be the same thing as far as final effect. I mean really having to LEARN to fly the darn thing. The extremely detail weapons system. The fact that flying in a straight line is actually a challenge. Unfortunately, I got into sims at the tail end of the "sim boom" of the later 90's so I missed games like Longbow and Jane's F-15. EECH was an awesome game with a killer campaign system but after flying DCS, it seams SO easy, especially when really all you have to do is kick radar on, wait for a threat to be identified, fire. Anyway, I'm babbling now but any thoughts on this to satisfy my curiosity?
  9. I sense a married man among us...or a man that has dug his way out of the dog house more than once.
  10. You would know more than I. I still say the F/A-18 or the F-16 is the perfect choice because it would appeal to a large fanbase AND has a large variety of mission types. Want to dog fight? Both can do it. Want to take out enemy air defense? Same. Escort...you get my point.
  11. I think his point was since they already have alot of the avionics from lock on for the C, it could possiblly be both the C and E versions in one module.
  12. I think a combo air/ground plane makes the most sense sine it offers the widest possibility of missions. The American planes that would be awesome for this role are the obvious F-16 and the more advanced F/A-18. BUT, and here's the best part, the devs said a new module would be released about every 9 months-1 year. So it's not like it was with Black Shark where we had to wait 5 years from Lock On.
  13. I wasn't puting down the russian weapon's system mind you. It seams that you guys are correct. Even though the KA-50 debuted during the declining years of the cold war, you could see the possibility of mass production. I mean how many countries used the Mi-24? It seams Russian has always lived by the motto "we can't beat them in quality, but we can beat them in quantity". Sad to say WW2 for a tragic example of this. But, another way to look at it is Russia is the biggest(by size) country on earth. The need alot individual military units compared to say a country like Israel, which has far less border to defend.
  14. Not being very familiar with the level of fidelity of other Russian ground attack helos/planes(Mi-24/Su-25,Mi-28 etc), do all of them use the spiraling Vikhr or a more linear type a/g munition like the American's employ? Also, while on the subject, why did the Russians choose to employ a spiraling missle especially in a ground attack role with the very real possibility of contacting the ground before target impact? Thnx
  15. From a gameplay point of view, they might have wanted to model the night available version since night missions are always really fun. But since just about all the upcoming modules seams to be "night ready", not much to complain about.
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