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  1. Click as in a push on the trim hat on the stick.
  2. I tried changing it. Entered a new channel number and enter. Hit MSel and it just changes the channel number to zero.
  3. My favorite mission in the F16 is NOE to Target, pop up and drop big bombs on a specific target, then NOE out. Maybe get into some A2A business as well. Current iteration does this very well! For everyone just getting into a multirole fighter I think the F16 is in a perfect place. You aren't over whelmed by too many systems and you are just left with the basics that you will be able to add to as more systems come online. 9 Lines? Pfft Pop Drop and Scoot!
  4. I checked the updated manual and it makes the process pretty simple and easy to understand. States it takes up to 8 minutes to align.
  5. HUD is Crystal clear in my Oculus CV1. Has been since day one. MFD's are a bit muddy and switch text around the cockpit is pretty much unreadable. But the HUD I crystal.
  6. If you are short on time (aka scramble) then you use the inflight alignment. Whenever that gets introduced.
  7. Did you allow enough time for alignment? I noticed on my first mission yesterday I just turned on the jet and went. Things were off. Waited 4 minutes for Alignment. Even ended up on an INS Alignment page on DED somehow.
  8. Yes all that.....but hitting the target is the 2nd most important part of the mission!
  9. I would be very much interested!
  10. Wait are we suppose to input our starting position now? I flew like 3 missions in NTTR today and didn't have any nav issues without inputting anything.
  11. I've been an F16 geek for 20 plus years so it's a no brainer for me. I feel I've gotten my $60 worth already. It's really going to depend on you and what you are looking for. I'm sure it's going to be a rocky road for a while.
  12. I use the pinky switch on the warthog throttle for the slap switch.
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