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  1. I can get DCS to start fine, after about 3-5 minutes in the cockpit DCS Wil crash, sometimes completely freezing my pc, occasionally get a BSOD with system service exemption code. 2 year old pc build 6600k 32G ram SSD 1070 ext... Never had an issue until F14 update.
  2. A-10C TiR YAW after some digging, I discovered that the LUA files are different in 1.5 from 2.0 since the update. I copied the lua file from 2.0 and replaced the one in 1.5 File location: "C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Config\Input\Aircrafts\Default\trackir\default.lua" copy the file from 2.0 and replace the 1.5 with the copied one. The file paths are the same except for one is in OpenBeta, the other is in OpenAlpha. Now TiR works normaly as it did prior to the update.
  3. here is a video I made showing how to use the FM homing to find a FM signal... in this case we used TWO different hueys, one person looking one person hiding. you can use this to find each other as well as to track to ground troops sending a FM signal. https://youtu.be/6Qy1VMPkUNE
  4. Here is a video I made that goes into detail on every navigation system in the huey. Hope you find it useful and pass it along!
  5. Here is a training video I made on how to use the ADF and other nav systems. Hope you find it helpful. Pass it along.
  6. I made a video covering all the nav systems in the huey. This should help.
  7. I cover how to set it up in this video. Hope this helps.
  8. Here's a training video I made for all the nav systems in the huey. I cover the com's too, hopefully this can clear up any confusion.
  9. Here's a training video I made for using the navigation systems, and communication systems. Hope it helps.
  10. Here is my communication and navigation training video. Hope this helps, pass it on.
  11. Here is a detailed video I made showing how to use every available nav system in the huey. Hope this helps and pass it on! "huey navigation and com's tutorial"
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