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  1. When adding a new frequency with the use of the Switch Freq button, the standby freq resets to 121.5Mhz regardless of what was set in there. This issue happens whether you use the manual input, or by using the presets. Trk file attached https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NAndOB9UOT7kWJove5B8o8y9ZwaKpEpz/view?usp=sharing
  2. Having played your miz, yes it transmits on FM, but if you change the Apache FM radios away from 30MHZ (Your set transmit freq), then your sound continues to play. As for it actually playing the TRANSMIT MESSAGE, i wonder if this is a STABLE vs OB issue, as i'm building in STABLE version
  3. I'd very much like to create a "Rolla Track" type laid down runway matting, but do not have the slightest idea of where to start. Help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. All the AI transmit on the freq selected in the GROUP panel. So in your above case, your wingman would only transmit on 132.5. Where as when you are the player, it transmits on both VHF and UHF radios. This can't be correct surely? I can set background or other radio transmissions with AI, but PLAYER blocks and stops both radios
  5. When you trigger action TRANSMIT MESSAGE, the Viper transmits on both radios, rather than a single freq. Track added to demonstrate F-16 COMM TEST .trk
  6. This is the only way to overcome what is for sure, a bug. Setting ROE WEAPON HOLD and ALARM STATE GREEN has ZERO affect on the ground troops engaging. How this can be marked as no bug is astonishing. Designers are attempting to set a fire fight, that their player/aircraft then enter. Upon entering, the battle is almost over due to this BUG! By setting INVISIBLE, the AI Wingmen now do not engage, so you as player have to kill all units, despite weapon loadouts!
  7. Nope, isn't working for Wingman comms. They just RTB when you tell them to Engage Mission and Rejoin
  8. You are spot on. This does not work, but getting the AI to ATTACK GROUP instead, is a good way to trigger them
  9. When setting a unit to transmit message when triggered, if set frequency has been used to set an FM radio freq, unit will not transmit message. Trigger works for VHF and UHF freqs. trk supplied. Approx 3 minutes in, F10 radio triggers BATMAN TOWER comms. Apache transmits, but does not hear/see reply. If set to VHF freq, all works as it should Apache fm .trk
  10. I can get the files prep'd by doing it with another jet, but then the folder contents don't show in DCS Apache
  11. Tried that and it doesn't populate at all
  12. I can't get AH-64D to create kneeboards. What is the correct folder naming convention? The builder has it available, but when i try to create a KB there are no imported files after doing so
  13. Having not touched the mod (as in had it working full screen for ages) i now find that without amending the file as described, the mod has reverted to monocle only. Any ideas why?
  14. Works well. Reference the real world MCH or 3-3's for the actual technique. But basically, put the cross in the centre of the FCR MFD until 10miles, then go pure pursuit (lots more to it)
  15. HAD will transfer the ellipse data to the the TGP. As stated above, refine with TGP then create a mark point
  16. Not starting any form of download for me using your links?
  17. Dig through the available online docs to confirm whether it's a bug or not. ED use the same docs we can get our hands on
  18. If the aspect approaches 90dehrees, the lock will be broken as it enters the Doppler notch. Add height change to this and that’s the tactic to break a fighter locking you up.
  19. IDM is not TADIL associated. It was an early 9L type CAS and EW data transmission. Link 11 was originally HF for Naval vessels but then terminals were put on larger aircraft
  20. Aim to break at with G at 1% of airspeed through the turn.
  21. Which mission is this mate. Unfortunately my pc is on a ship right now so I can’t look at DCS at all. But more info would help for when I’m reunited Mid October.
  22. I’d create a short trk file and post a bug report
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