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  1. What engine will be equiped: F100-PW-220 or F100-PW-229? What Radar will be equiped: AN/APG-70 or AN/APG-82?
  2. yep, for me NIS is better for the cockpit, the rest is the same: terrain, performance. My dream for VR is viable anti aliasing option, maybe one day
  3. Are you runing Steam VR Beta and WMR for Steam VR beta? for me Steam VR Beta and WMR Beta for Steam VR causes random crashes. Stable Version of both programs work 100%. I9 9900K + RTX3080TI + G2 + 32GB DDR4 3733mhz + NVME 970 EVO PRO + Win 11 I sugest you to follow this guide
  4. SteamVr: There is difference in performance between stable and beta?
  5. Now, even with RTX 3080TI performance is not that great in VR, you pretty much have to do a lot of tweak to have good FPS and almost run graphics in potato mode. Shaders mod where a savior for me, now with this encryption I am considering to go back to 2D
  6. go to: Users\[windows user]\AppData\Local\NVIDIA\DXCache and delete all content of \DXCache folder
  7. Maybe when DCS go to vulkan, ED can contact Nvidia to enable support to Resizable Bar. Another feature that DCS can benefit a lot is Direct Storage, but i don't know if vulkan support this technology
  8. Another interesting option in NVCP is MFAA, I think it doesn't work
  9. At this point i guess that NVCP changes don't work in VR, thanks for test. GPU frametimes on test 75 are very good, the delta from baseline 25 is from DCS 2.7.6 or windows 11 itself?
  10. Can you test Nvidia low latency on NVCP?
  11. New modules like Mi-24 and mosquito are very demanding, because they are very detailed with high resolution textures. F-16 and F/A-18 i can get 50% more FPS than mi-24 in VR
  12. Robi Hobby shared this link, you just need to drop the modified sceneVr.lua from Jharvis at DCSWorld\Scripts\DemoScenes\ now the VR menu hangar is completely gone, saved more 200 mb of VRAM. Just WMR and Steam VR (following the first post video tutorial) = 3,5 GB of VRAM WMR + STEAM VR + DCS MENU = 5,0 GB of VRAM Final result WMR + STEAM VR + DCS completely Black VR menu = 4,3 GB of VRAM
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