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  1. =RvE=Jman United States GCI for RedFor if still available :) Would take a airframe up but stick is in the gutter ATM Cheers EDIT: I gave up after 6 pages, find out it was announced on 8th page. If no show would be fun to get in
  2. Registered Pilots: 247 RED 331 BLUE Not sure why the numbers matter, I feel like the complaints continue because of "outnumbering" but I've seen several sessions that blue has out numbered red with bigger numbers. The truth is it happens every round, I understand you may have recently started flying BlueFlag but its something that has always been a problem. We've flown blue many times, as far as balancing its impossible as you have pilots that fly different time zones and this concept of "having even numbers" is impossible. Just look at the number registered pilots. Mirages are only available at home bases? Just as they've been for the past testing rounds. Agree with the interceptors, they used to be available in forward bases and added some interactions up front instead of having to wait for cap to fly over 100+nm.
  3. FYI, removing the f10 icon was previously tried not many were happy with it and they ended up adding it back.
  4. Sent a few messages on discord, can you please change =RvE=Jman to red
  5. I had the same problem, main reason I was not happy with vr. Not settings related more of a problems with your vision, had a friend try it out and he said he could see it clearly. I Was previously on a 4K monitor so I just couldn't with the trade off.
  6. Agree with Rage, more of a code problem. Although I run everything pretty high with 1070 on 4k, I mange to get some nice constant fps. Only problem I had with 4k was the chat box being too small, got a mod to modify the size and location.
  7. Any chance on updating with Mustangs new textures? Seeing you understand the file structure already would be great. S!
  8. nicely done! Following, should give my tablet a nice use :)
  9. My hotas finally gave up, have to send back to Logitech. Going to have sit this one out, thanks again for the event!
  10. Thanks again Mav, always a pleasure to fly with you guys. Glad I can count on you guys to keep a secret LOL
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