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    LOCKHEED PREPAR3D V3, DCS WORLD v1.5 flaming cliffs V2.6 Normandy, spitfire, Nevada
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    Flying in DCS, PREPAR3DV5 also enjoy hiking and photography
  1. Found it my Throttle quadrant detent was not mapped all working now thanks for your help
  2. What is the afterburner cap and were do I find it ?
  3. Hi Guys need assistance on my afterburners on the F18 when I move to max power I get 100%rpm from the engines but somehow I have l visually lost my afterburners can anyone advise please ? Regards Glynn
  4. Thanks Snake yes Ive always used PD in DCS but I have noticed a bit sharper resolution using OTT SS at 1.6 though it does take a slight performance hit.
  5. Thanks for your Reply Don think thats why ive had abit of stuttering going on using PD in DCS and setting it in OTT as well.
  6. Hi Guys I have heard using the Oculus Tray tool can gain slight performance and wondering what is the best set up. Currently I use pixel density in DCS at 1.8 with good results but ive heard if I drop this to 1.5 then use the oculus tray tool instead it will have better effect but im unsure of what other settings in OTT to set too ie. ASW, set delay, CPU priority, Set delay, WMI Oh and screen mirroring. Any help would be much appreciated thanks Glynn
  7. Hi Guys I am having issues with the NWS on the F18 when I assign it to a button on my stick once I press it the NWS disengages and I cannot engage it again ? is there something in the game set up that I must tick in settings. Its been fine till I recently re installed my DCS 2.5. I have tried a default reset with all the keys but it still does the same any help much appreciated. Thanks Bart
  8. Hi guys I'm using the latest DCS Open beta version but am having problems with the mission editor. When I set up objects ie. Ships, planes ect in say the gulf map when I generate the mission and save it when I open up the mission to fly there are no objects. Can anyone help. Cheers Glynn
  9. Ok so basically the RAM adjusts itself when needed is that right ?
  10. Hi Guys need some advice on speeding up my memory and to see if it is running at the right speed. I have x2 Corsair DDR4 16GB 3200mhz I use Razer Cortex when firing up DCS so it closes unwanted programs in the background. My question is when I fire up a software called Aorus CPUID CPU-Z and look at my memoryit says the frequency is 1600mhz is this the bog standard frequeny should it need speeding up. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Glynn
  11. That's handy to know thanks for the info just out of curiosity what CPU are you using only I use a 1080ti with oculus rift cv1 with a ryzen 7 3700x ?
  12. Interesting stuff these new M2 drives definitely think I may get one even just for windows interesting how they heat up quick definitely need a cooler. Think my board only takes one but will check later gigabyte X470 ultra gaming board.
  13. Thanks for the reply yes think M2 is definitely the way to go will check out the evo 970 thanks for that.
  14. Brilliant just edited my post and you answered my question thank you. Would a 2nd m2 ssd be a good drive to use for windows then too ? Faster boot time
  15. Hi guys what does everyone use to store DCS on is a SSD best to use if so what capacity 1tb or 2tb ? Also my motherboard supports m2 so would it make much difference in load times.
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