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  1. Hello, In VR the goal is to balance Frequency vs Quality If you get a High Frequency with Quality for your eyes, then you have no problem. This is my opinion about this subject Then after, you cloud use a tool to get CPU frametime and GPU Frametime while playing It will be more accurate than basic Windows monitoring to find where to optimize or reduce load.
  2. Hello, I play DCS with an Occulus Rift and everything is ok. I don't use steamvr runtime. I'm going to try some new settings, and i have a question: In order to get some impact of change, How can we get CPU frametime and GPU frametime with Oculus native runtime ? ( fpsvr seem to be a steamvr product only , and i don't use steamvr to play DCS ) Thanks for help.
  3. Hello CYPHER11 I saw the weapon video. Everything is ok for me, your english is goog and easy to understand for non English people. The content is ok too, good advices, and 10 min long is a good time format. I suggest you 2 things : 1) run DCS with english locale. It's not a problem to see DCS in german locale when we already know the module. But with a new module, maybe it will be easier for viewers to see DCS English version ( menu, button, settings, rearmement panel.. etc ) 2) maybe add some incrustation about armement procedure ( with a video pause ), before to execute the procedure itself. - 1 : Switch Arm On - 2 : Select Gun/Rocket - 3 : Flip Down - 4 : Align and Trigger
  4. fab.13

    DCS et la VR

    Slt Valshaman Contact envoyé par MP...
  5. Hello, I could not have done the test on last week-end, i'll give a try on next one By the way, if you are using WMR, you should read this thread , and test: - some people said they succeed to decrease vram need at start - some people said they have to restart DCS some time to workaround some VRAM leaks bug, - so "SELECT ROLE" multiple time in the same multiplayer session should be avoided ( restart DCS for each "SELECT ROLE" )
  6. Hello, I'll try without mod in first time ( to reproduce the problem ) Then a i'll try the first one You could try the third one ? ( reduced size in description) Note your VRAM usage some times ( take off, merging the formation, before remerging formation ) The idea is to check is reducing VRAM need could help
  7. Hello, VRAM overload that need repeated unloading/loading could be the problem yes ( low free VRAM managment ) - Could somebody that have a 24 GB VRAM graphic card should try to repeat the problem ? - Could you try with the ligth version of the F14 cockpit ? ( this F14 mod has been created because of too much VRAM need ) On my side, i own a 1080ti ( 11,5 go ) and i didn't met this problem yet. So I'll try to fly in a F18 & F16 formation in my next VR multiplayer week-end session ( fly near, fly far away one minute and then fly near the formation )
  8. Hello, I can meet nearly the same problem sometime ( not only on the last DCS version ) To solve the problem on my side, - i delete files from "fxo" and "metashader2" in "saved games" ( a lot of people do that before upgrading DCS version ) - i run the "night mission" FIRST : and then it's ok. But for SYRIA map, my workaround didn't work ( i forgived to fly by night in Syria but did not tested on last DCS version ) colors where not good ( feels like too much gamma setting... )
  9. fab.13

    DCS et la VR

    Mes pistes concernaient le probleme de stabilité ( freeze au bout de 10 min ) que tu évoquais. Si c'est bien corrigé comme tu indiques ET que tu es satisfait ( mise à part le scintillement visuel dans le G2 ), alors on plus besoin de chercher , on ne touche plus à rien D'ailleurs je te conseille de sauvegarder tes réglages ( copier-coller du fichier "options.lua" du repertoire "saved games" ) Ainsi que ceux de steamVR si possible. Coté scintillement, je vais t'envoyer par message le contact de la personne qui a tout peaufiné avec son G2
  10. fab.13

    DCS et la VR

    Bien ! Si tu as une idée de quelle option majeure ou réglage a réglé ton pb, ça pourrait en interesser plus d'un... sinon tant pis, il y a les tutos qui ont l'air efficace Coté scintillement, à voir peut-etre du coté du réglage MSAA dans DCS ( x2 ou x4 ), attention c'est assez gourmand pour le GPU. Je connais une personne possédant G2 qui a joué , entre autre, avec ce réglage pour être satisfait ( jusqu'à une prochaine release majeure de DCS où il faut tout refaire from scratch... )
  11. fab.13

    DCS et la VR

    Salut et bienvenu ! Pour compléter la réponse de MaltWhiskey, Il y a fort à parier que le pépin soit en dehors de DCS mais plutot du coté de Windows ou Machine - essaye la même mission sans la VR - tu peux vérifier le swapfile de windows ( 16go mini sur un SSD ) - surveille les besoins mémoires pendant que tu joue ( "gestionnaires des taches" ), faut pas que ça swap ... - reduire au minimum les process en background sur windows - "maximize performances setting" sur windows & panel nvidia - supprimer l'economie d'energie des port usb - disable du hotplug device ( )
  12. Hello, If your FPS are 40 Hz in Rift S, then it is a normal behavior, dont worry Remember that Occulus Runtime try to render 80 hz first , and then 40 hz if not able to maintain 80 hz ( even 20hz and so on.. ) So your GPU power is under used when rendering at 40 hz I have same behavior on my rig ( rift cv1 ) If you can fly alone on a free flight mission with 80hz in Rift S over a town, Then You should see very much more GPU usage Try...
  13. Good news ! Wish you some years of fun with DCS...
  14. I think that DCS benchmark done in this thread is far away better than everything else you can find on the web and not dedicated to DCS This benchmark is DCS specific, with true metrics, a fully useful job right about your case ( CPU Ryzen comparison ) You could ask to the men who made this useful benchmark what are their mind about your problem...
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