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  1. Yes still in works had to stop for a bit lot of work for one person and my wife has some serious health problems trying to work out as well hope to have out at least ai version soon Thanks guys for the kind words and motivation Thanks so much
  2. Ok the project will pick back up. I have both cockpits being made and going todo both models of the helo.
  3. Those are Just place holders for the time being. Also the body started as the SH- 60B and I started converting it. Just so I could Come out with diffrent variants. Now one thing to note there are vary little things diffrent between the B and the R Glad some one seen it. But the first to release more than likly will be the B. Then will work out the R once DCS progress' s because at this time I dont think there is much in dcs for sonar. But we will see as this build goes along. But thanks for the comments enjoying reading them It helps so much on the building. And helps me keep moving in the correct direction.
  4. Hello who would I talk to to find out the rules and process of getting my module approved and added as a 3rd party Thanks Justin Romaine
  5. Thanks mondaysoff, I have done things for FSX and X- plane this is a first for DCS. Im hoping to have some in- game photos/videos next month may even have some in- flight video to go along with it too help show the progress of the build. Got a lot riding on this. Also meant to add the fold up will work in game. It will work as you contact ground crew and re- quest fold up or un- fold.
  6. O ok yea the blackhawk is diffrent. I thought I really had a problem. Lol
  7. Can you tell me How the wheel is in the wrong spot?
  8. I do plan on trying to become a 3rd party with the MH- 60R Once get close to finish going to try to bring in a user operation MQ- 9 Reaper. When it comes to manuels I have a friend and my brother is a pilot of the MH- 60R he has been giving me help and some videos. Thanks
  9. Update Speaking to a few pilots in the navy now. For true sound effects of the real helo. Thanks for all the comments they are helping me keep this alive and moving. I have my new server/workstation going started working again today after work just a small update. Also I’m waiting to see how the f/18 radar systems working out because want to have the helo sonars and surface radar link up with it. As it does in real life. This is going to be a slower build but I believe it will be worth every bit of the wait. Thanks
  10. Hi Guys Been a long time working out deals and work. but here are a few photos of the work that has been done. Will be some time before it is done. As I am working by my self. But I did buy the 3d Model to save time. Due to being alone. If you guys have some ideas and helpful information. Please share. Thanks Update- - - - - - - - - - 02/19/2018 Have 90% of cockpit completed, Just a few update and textures. Next, 1) Will apply In game For AI. For starting some flight information. 2) Building main avionics displays of horizon etc.. More information follows. Update- - - - - - - -02/22/2018 Due to some cockpit issues not matching we are re- working the full cockpit. Starting with the Sh- 60b We got some new manuels on the copter. That we are following up with. Thanks.
  11. No its all stock i belive. I dont think theres anything like that set.
  12. Where is that? Is that on server side or on my game side?
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