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  1. Would you like free shipping and a bow tie too?
  2. That's the site of the Kutaisi Old Airport, about 15km east north east of Kutaisi International Airport. Think I'll take a Huey over there tomorrow.
  3. I did think that we had 2 ex Apache pilots (Casmo being one of them), who've already passed comment on the flight dynamics.
  4. Interesting. When did you last fly an Apache?
  5. An interesting question. We know that the 3090 is a little faster in raw horsepower, but at least in my opinion, not enough to justify the cost. The question is whether an additional 14GB of VRAM will actually make a genuine and substantial difference. We know that DCS will "allocate" it. Would love to see some comparisons.
  6. I just mapped the afterburner to another button on my Hotas. It means that I have to press the button before pushing forward the throttle to engage the ABs, but can click once to disengage. I have no idea how accurate that is, but works for me
  7. There was a recent comment that Apaches started the firing of the Gulf War in 1991. Apparently a group of them sneaked in during the early hours (02:00 if I remember correctly), and then promptly demolished an early radar station using a combination of rockets, hellfires and gunfire. No idea of that include Hellfires firing at buildings.
  8. I do sometimes wonder if this kind of "noise" actuals puts new developers off creating new aircraft for DCS?
  9. Just apply more mechanical sympathy. Don’t overspeed and avoid VRS at low speeds. When I first got the Mi8, I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t do combat landings as I could in the Huey. The reality is that the real Mi8 can’t do it. It’s just a case of learning a new set of limits for the aircraft
  10. Your observation matches others ref the RAM usage. when you next upgrade, grab at least 64GB of RAM
  11. As per the title, does George actively scan for threats or potential targets? A few thoughts on this: - Would be cool to be able to ask him to prioritise on saying looking for targets of opportunity, scanning for threats of a bit of a mix of the two - Linked to the above, George's head doesn't currently seem to move, which clearly wouldn't be the case in a real environment. Is that planned for the future, if not, could it be added? Neither are anything like critical, but they'd be great to have as "niceties", once the key stuff has been delivered.
  12. Be aware that Liberation is typically very CPU heavy, due to the number of units involved. It's could be that your CPU is limiting your frame rate. Try instead using a very simple mission that you can self create in the mission editor and see if that's any better. Another option (if you have a spare 5-6GB of RAM) is to run Liberation using the dedicated server, which offloads AI pathfinding and similar to a different CPU core.
  13. I found that flying it like an even slower A10 seemed to work well, ie pop up from range on a diving attack, shoot an AT6, wait for the strike, then turn away at low level, rinse and repeat. That kept me away from the super accurate ground fire
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