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  1. Syria has never been "broken". It might need a little tweaking to settings, but you can say that about any DCS map. The term "broken" is only applied by people unwilling or incapable to compromise on their expectations.
  2. I’m fully in agreement with Rudels. Have both and wouldn’t give either back. I’ve just given up trying to stop myself from buying modules, though it gets easier when you’ve already got most…
  3. Update> Was me just being inept. Just successfully started it. For anyone who doesn't have it, it really is characterful. Yes, I appreciate that it can't really be used when you're up against K4s, but it's great for ground attack and is a LOT of fun to fly.
  4. Not sure whether it's because I've forgotten or am inept, but I'm struggling to start the engine of the i16. My cold start procedure is: - Request ground power on - Fuel Valve: Open - Revs to around 80% - Throttle to around 20% - Actuator: On - Shunt: On - Primer pump: 4-5 pumps - Let fuel into the primers for 3-4 seconds for each of the 2 engine parts - Energise for around 15 seconds - Start the engine Can someone please advise what I'm missing or getting wrong?
  5. That’s just not a fair comment. you know as well as I do that at the first sniff of something new will result in the “entitled” demanding it faster, then complaining that it’s not finished. I do think that it’s a good deal quieter and more pleasant now that the developers are not revealing as much until they’re in a better state.
  6. Wouldn't disagree with your question at all. I'm just commenting on the report, which as your rightly point out, is given from the US standpoint and could well include a level of "disinformation".
  7. A very interesting question. The response on the Gulf of Sidra appears to be a good incident example. As I understand it, the Migs in question flew straight at the F14s, and when the F14s changed course, the Migs repeatedly turned for the direct intercept. In that example, the F14s splashed them before getting in close.
  8. Excellent news. Took the current version out earlier this week for a spin around the SA map, lovin it.
  9. Perhaps I wasn’t, but then you’ve singled out the area around an airfield on a map of 3.1 million square km, and it’s hardly as though other maps don’t have some performance impact in complex areas.
  10. A thought, I use both a Virpil throttle and the CH unit. I use the CH throttle on it's left hand side, such that I can use the handle like a pistol grip. I tend to use it for control of TPODs, or the gunners position in the Apache.
  11. Just gave this a try on the SA map. Update to my earlier issue. Working fine, but would love to be able to map more controls
  12. Anyone tried one of these with DCS?
  13. As I understand it the Aim54 was primarily designed to knock down bombers aswell as have long range. So it's BIG, very expensive, and as a side effect of it's size, probably less manoeuvrable than the Sparrow. In addition, as the Sparrow is guided by the firing aircraft to it's target, it's a LOT safer to shoot into close combat where you might have a chance to shoot down a friendly.
  14. Utterly fabulous. Does that mean that it'll work for multiple ships aswell as aircraft?
  15. Cool script. A couple of questions: - you mention being able to set a ship as Awacs, is that as simple as changing the ship name to Awacs? - only one asset in game can be given the name Awacs. It would be really cool to be able to get a picture from multiple sources, eg several ships and helicopters. Is there an easy way to do that?
  16. Sorry, I don't know the answer to the question that you've raised, but it's an interesting one that I've not been able to test as yet. Some additional thoughts/ideas on the subject: - Apparently, just after the Falklands war, the Royal Navy used a specific variant of the Sea King helicopter that sounds like it had some simplistic level of AWACs capability. Here's a link: https://www.seaforces.org/marint/Royal-Navy/AIRCRAFT/Sea-King-RN.htm - I did think that members of the SAS were inserted onto the western Falklands islands to act as visual aircraft spotters. Again, haven't seen a lot of real detail, so I've no idea how many, when, or even if that's true - My assumption is that if you setup "fog of war" as a setting for the mission, that you'd have info on the F10 map. Haven't tested that. - Another idea is to use a trigger zone around say an aircraft spotter to look for. and callout enemy aircraft that come into a visible zone. You could even include an insertion mission into a campaign...
  17. ?? Doesn't sound like you've had the opportunity to try it first hand. Commenting on textures and similar seems a little unfair if that's the case. I fly pretty solely in VR. Fine here.
  18. I'm liking it a lot. In addition to the 82' conflict, I've also been working on; WW2 version, using the Falklands as an allied air base, to conduct strategic bombing against the "mainland". I'm trying to figure out how best to use the west coast to represent fjords, I'll get there A more modern version, set around 2012 with the option to: Use it for general aviation missions, e.g. chopper flights to oil rigs off the eastern Chilean coast. From a net search, I found some details of drilling in that area. I also fancy the idea of search and rescue around the west coast Place a US carrier take group in the Pacific and a more modern UK setup at and around the Falklands, using an Illustrious mod (it was decommissioned a little while later) I was looking for details on the current Argentinian air force, but it appears to have nearly ceased to exist, as the UK has vetoed so many aircraft purchases. Hence going back a few years. Might also give them some JF17s.
  19. Update: I had an issue with both CTLD and CSAR on the south Atlantic map. Turns out that it was as simple as me running an older version of Mist. If you have the same, please do download the latest version
  20. The Atlantic Conveyor is already available, at least as a mod
  21. Being fair to 4YA, it's their server and their rules. Regardless of whether or not we ourselves might use the server, I'm just grateful that groups like 4YA are happy to spend the time, energy and money to host.
  22. An interesting option. That's the kind of suggestion that would result in me buying a new NVME drive. Not that I'd mind.
  23. K1 > personal attacks are highly frowned upon, including by myself. please edit, play within the forum rules and be polite
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