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  1. Vr may be playable with 3090, unless dcs core gets updated it will be a hog like the Hind is and probably more. Also with the new flir that could be more taxing but ya probably be shelved until it’s optimized. For example turn on the cockpit lights in the hind and enjoy the 30 percentage increase on the GPU and not maintain fps in vr.
  2. All good, Make the Apache release the best ever, sure be cool for the holidays but honestly in my case I’ll be away from dcs. Happy programming to the devs and please take the time with family and enjoy your holidays. Crom
  3. They already do, set the unit to disperse under fire in advanced waypoint settings
  4. If only they would take over the PG map and fill it in like they have done with Syria map….
  5. Yes please Iraq my old stomping grounds, would be epic.
  6. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Gustaf_8.4cm_recoilless_rifle Carl!
  7. Thank you for taking as much time needed to present a beautiful Bird. I. For one will be very appreciative of the hard work and any delays are fine by me.
  8. Mission I made in east Syria west Iraq, with a cloud preset and flying the f18 my gpu usage was in mid 90’s. And would drop below my ASW 36 in quest 2, so I went in and got rid of the clouds so no cloud preset and set at 0. Flying in f18 gpu usage was down in 60 percent usage up to mid 70 percent. Frame rate locked at ASW 36 whole time. In 2.7.6 the clouds didn’t hammer my 1080ti like this. Heck even the hind fly’s smooth now in this mission with no clouds. Granted Hind at times is up to 20 percent higher gpu usage then f18. Figure I’d share from my mission testing last night. Another mission to test is f18 free flight Syria, in 2.7.6 ran smooth as butter gpu usuage in 70’s with clouds, now it’s mid 90’s and drops below 36 ASW. Will try removing all clouds and see results.
  9. From what i saw the Apache will debut the new FLIR engine in dcs, so currently everything is still using old stuff. If you check out Wags apaches videos you can see how good that flir will be. When i say flir engine its a whole new sim of the thermal in dcs, so eventually all TGP's and ATflir with have the new API. From my understanding of news letters
  10. Hate so say it, but i Imagine the new Flir engine will fix that right up.
  11. Well BS3 will be pointless without a Flir>
  12. Manpads are pretty easy to hunt now in dcs, you have residual smoke left at their launch spot. Spot the smoke spot the pad and kill.
  13. Ya have to say pretty tired of seeing these expensive modules not complete before new shiny things come. Love that viper is finally getting progress but Hornet should of been complete before that. Management can make excuses all they want but as a paying customer I am more than burned out from the lack of completeness across the board in dcs. You are dependent upon a customer base that has noThing but years of time and money waiting for completed products and sorry that never comes. Please finish a module before shuffling the deck of priority to next cash cow. Reality is very ugly.
  14. This doesn’t bode well for Apache, and now feel dumb for pre ordering it as flying the Hind is out the window due to this fps drop in vr. Like I said above I even Down graded back to rift s and it can’t run amazing like it use too. if Apache don’t release with multi core and Vulcan then it’s no point in even trying it.
  15. Goes without saying if using a TGP to make a Markpoint, for best accuracy of that grid you need to Lase it.....
  16. Yup be really cool for all the rotorwing, just adds to immersion...
  17. Agree I can’t even get 2.7.6 performance on a rift s anymore, that was always reliable and had wonderful settings, now with much lower settings set for quest 2 rift s still has issues. 32gb ram maxed, stutters and gpu after around 10 minutes pegs at 100 percent and fps drops to around 17 and crazy screen tearing and stutters. I’m not imagining this, done repairs, replaced save games folder, tried stable and beta, no dice. Now after todays update the mission I made in empty south east portion of Syria into Iraq is having the issues above where before todays patch it did not. Think I’ll take a break and try again later down the road. Unless some miracle solution is found.
  18. Yup Just had it again today in Eastern Syria around H4 and syria Iraq Border check point. Alt tab to get the Gpu to not be pegged at 100 percent at around 10 minutes of flying.
  19. Ya performance is still bad and may have gotten worse. Ive made a mission at the Iraq syria border and was getting decent performance before this update. Now Memory maxes out after about 10 minutes in the mission. Have to Alt tab out of dcs for it to recover. Come on...
  20. "H3, H3 Northwest, and H3 Southwest are all added to Syria" From Bignewy on discord, also latest Viper video on Markpoints from Wags has H3 southwest on the radar.
  21. Hind Progress, Petro Ai...., BS3, Su25 Full Fidelity. Red more interesting, Nato boring, but got it, LAWS prevent modern Red stuff which absolutely sucks for DCS
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